Free Fire’s Rampage version 2.0 is a 4 versus 4 arcade mode, similar to CoD Mobile and PUBG Mobile’s domination mode. This is probably an attempt to emulate the success of the other two games and introducing Free Fire players to a new exciting twist of the usual competitive Free Fire battles.


1 - General gameplay of Rampage 2.0

In this mode, the matches would take place in a small area in either Kalahari or Bermuda. The match would end after 10 minutes or whenever either team reaches 100 points.

Free Fire Rampage 2 0 Mode 1024x520
Close range weapons are actually useful in this type of match, as you have to actually be inside the zone

Both teams would spawn on their own bases on 2 opposite sides of the map, with all players pick between 4 loadout options available. In the play area, there are 3 places called A, B and C. When the match start, each 60 seconds, a place would get picked – any players inside the chosen area would gain points for their team.

The special bonus costume that provides extra movement speed

The gameplay is pretty straightforward – you would have to try to survive on the activated zone as long as possible to gain points while fighting off opponents who come to contest. Killed players would respawn on their respective bases. The activated zones would switch around very frequently - you would need to watch the clock every minute to head to the correct zone.

Get to the zone as fast as possible

Another twist in Rampage 2.0 is the golden crate that spawns on a random location on the map. Players who opened the crate would find a map drop costume that provides an enhancements buff for the whole team. The buff provided is random - it can either be increase speed, HP or even damage. The costume and buff only last for a short duration of time, however.

2 - Tips and Tricks for Rampage 2.0

  • Teamwork is important - make sure that everyone picks the best loadouts
The 4 loadouts you would get to choose from
  • The bonus costume is super powerful - always keep an eye out for it. The bonus provided could help you wipe the other team easily.
  • Try to kill the enemy team at the end of each minute to get a headstart for the next zone.

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