Free Fire has become one of the most successful battle royale titles in both India and the world. This August is going to be its 4th anniversary, and similar to the previous ones, players can expect a lot of free rewards in this upcoming Free Fire events.

In this article, we are going to list out everything we know so far about Free Fire's 4th Anniversary Event.

When is the Free Fire 4th anniversary event?

While Free Fire was available for playing in July 2017, the actual release date of the game is in August. This is why Garena has always celebrated its release date sometimes that month. The first anniversary was held on August 11th while the next two were on August 25 and 23 respectively.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary
Free Fire 4th Anniversary is less than a month away

It is likely that Free Fire is going to use the same formula as the latest anniversary, making August a "celebratory month" with events throughout. The main day of the 4th Anniversary would still be somewhere after August 20, of course. Overall, you can expect the 4th Free Fire Anniversary to be on August 21, 2021.

Further information should be out on the OB29 update, which is scheduled to come out very soon, in early August.

What rewards can you get in Free Fire 4th Anniversary?

It is very likely that Garena is going to match up with the 3rd Anniversary last year, or even surpass it this year. Players can expect to be able to pick any character they want for free and redeem a lot of skins and cosmetics.

This is a big deal, as Free Fire's anniversary is always the biggest event of the year, with the most free rewards.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary
Free Fire 3rd Anniversary's Event Calendar

Last year, among other rewards, players were also given a choice to choose one character of their choice from more than 25 options for free. The best thing about it is that its not the usual 7 days trial - you get the character permanently. A lot of players were able to get Alok last year. It is very likely that popular characters like Chrono or Shirou will also be included this year.

It is highly likely that Garena will release a calendar before the event to provide players with all necessary information.

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