Free Fire can runs well on mid-end smartphones like iPhone 6. With a proper setting, you can even defeat high-end device players. Here are the best settings and sensitivity for iPhone 6 Free Fire gameplay.

Best Sensitivity For Free Fire With 6GB RAM

The smartphone with 6GB RAM is recognized as a high-end device. Therefore, you can play Garena Free Fire with the highest standard of graphics and sound. Here is the best sensitivity setting for headshots in Garena Free Fire 2021 when you play on a high-end device.

  • General & Free look camera: 100%.
  • AWM Scope: 45%.
  • 4X Scope: 65%.
  • 2X Scope: 70%.
  • Red Dot: 80%.

You can also use this setting for mid-end devices like iPhone 6 with 3GB RAM or a bit less. Though iPhone 6 is claimed to only have 1-2GB RAM, it proves better gaming experience than many other products with higher RAM data. However, your game app will run smoothly without lag when your phone is around 6GB.

Best Sensitivity Setting
The best sensitivity setting allows Free Fire players to connect headshots easier to take enemies down quickly.

Layout Settings For iPhone 6 Free Fire Gameplay

As the iPhone 6 has a small screen size of 4.7-inch, you need to arrange function buttons properly. Then, choose the most proper graphic quality to have the best experience in this game.

Layout Settings

Here are some tips and rules for the best layout setting for iPhone 6 Free Fire pro gameplay.

  • Increase the size of the joystick button a bit to make it easier to touch. But don't leave it too big so that it won't cover your view.
  • It's better to use a 2-finger claw, 3-finger claw, or 4-finger claw layout setting to play Free Fire on such as small phone screen. You cannot place too many fingers on this small phone screen. The 3-finger claw is the best choice which still guarantees pro gameplay.
  • You should combine two firing buttons at the top left corner or bottom right corner of the phone screen so that you have more space on the screen to spot enemies.
  • Reduce the transparency of unnecessary buttons to make your view clearer.

Many pro players often reduce the size of the name boxes when they play Free Fire. It's unnecessary to read the name of teammates during the match. Therefore, the name box is the most useless feature on the screen.

Best Layout Setting
Arrange function buttons and adjust their transparency properly to have the best layout setting.

Graphic Setting

Apart from the best layout setting, you also need to choose proper graphic quality to have the best experience on the map.

  • If you play Free Fire on high-end iPhones with large RAM, you should choose the Ultra graphic quality to have the best graphic experience. The better graphic quality in this shooting game also helps you spot enemies easier.
  • Choose smooth or standard quality if you play this game on a mid-end device. The ultra graphics can cause heat or lag to your devices.
  • If you play on a low-end device, you need to select the smooth graphic to let your device run smoothly without getting lag.
Ultra Hd Graphic
The ultra HD graphic quality is only recommended for high-end devices, such as iPhone 8 plus.

Best Tips For Pro iPhone 6 Free Fire Gameplay

With the best setting and graphic quality, you can play the game without lag and FPS drop problems. Besides, you also need some new pro tips and tricks for the best iPhone 6 Free Fire gameplay to win every match in this shooting game.

#1. Master all weapons

Only by mastering all weapons in Free Fire can you win all matches. No matter where you land and which gun you get from the map, you can still take the enemies down to survive and get Booyah. To master all weapons in this shooting game, you should play in Clash Squad mode until the winning rate reaches at least 80%. It also helps you master close-range combat.

Clash Squad Mode
Play and practice all weapons in the Clash Squad mode to master them and get pro soon.

#2. Master all ranges of combat

Another thing you must do to rank up quickly in Free Fire is mastering all ranges of combat. Many pro assaulters are still defeated by pro snipers on this fierce and intense battlefield. With only one accurate headshot, these pro snipers can clear your team without getting damage. Therefore, you should play well in all ranges, from face-to-face combat to long-range engagements.

Master Both Assaulting And Sniping
Master both assaulting and sniping skills to cover all ranges of combat in Garena Free Fire.

#3. Master all throwables

Throwables in Garena Free Fire is more efficient than you think. These kinds of weapons are still underrated and misspent. To play like a God-tier fighter in Free Fire, you shouldn't underestimate grenades. These throwables can be used in many situations, such as house push, open fight, making fake movements, making noises, etc.

Most-asked Questions

There are many questions about iPhone 6 Free Fire gameplay. Here are some most-asked questions around this topic and the best answers from many players.

What is the size of Free Fire in the iPhone?

Free Fire game's size on iOS devices is 1.6GB before the full installation. After installing the game, you need to open the app, log into Free Fire, and download further resources packages, such as amusement packages and the Purgatory package. You can refer to Free Fire low MB download to get the lightest apk file for your low-end devices.

Free Fire Game Size
Free Fire game's size on iOS devices is 1.6GB.

Which iPhone is best for playing Free Fire?

iPhone 6 is a good smartphone for Free Fire players now. However, it's better if you have an iPhone 6 Plus with a larger screen. Besides, iPhone 8 Plus is the most-used gaming smartphone of professional esports players. It has a good battery for long real-time on the game. Besides, veteran gamers also highly evaluate the screen resolution and frame rate of this iPhone.

There are many other cheap smartphones for Free Fire with good specs. You are not required to use iPhones to play this game.

Free Fire On Iphone 8 Plus
iPhone 8 Plus is the most-used gaming smartphone of professional esports players.

Those are the best settings and tips for the best iPhone 6 Free Fire gameplay. Try to get more Booyah and rank up fast when playing games on this mid-end device.

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