Free Fire has a tier system that determines which player has a good level of gameplay and the highest rank one can get is Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster rank includes the best 1000 players in the game. Since everyone will want to carve their name on this position, here are the best tips to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire!

1. Select the most suitable character

We all know that each Free Fire character has their own skills that make them worth possessing. However, not every one of them is the best choice when it comes to pushing the rank.

That is why you should consider the characters based on their gameplay instead of only their power.

Free Fire Characters
Having a suitable character plays a big role in deciding whether or not you can push rank to the top.

2. Focus on strategy

As Free Fire is a survival game, you need to focus on strategies and schemes more than just heading in to kill enemies.

Some may find playing strategically boring, but it will reduce the chance of being killed. Tips to avoid early deaths are one of those slick moves that you cannot overlook.

3. Choose the right place to land

One of the major tips to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire is opting for a spot to land. The landing locations should be chosen based on the fact that you want to play aggressively or lay low and strike at the end.

Free Fire Landing Spots
Landing on the best spots is also very important.

4. Use proper items and powers

The game grants players various items that can be used for certain moments. You must know the appropriate time to activate the skill in order to make the best use of the character and their potential abilities.

5. Keep the same teammates

Playing the game with the same members again and again will guarantee better communication and trust. Moreover, owning a good team with decent character combinations will make a base for more wins than losses.

Free Fire Teammates
Don't change teammates frequently.

6. Combine with pets

This is also an essential scheme in tips to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire. Bearing in mind that there are pets that players can take advantage of, it is beneficial to opt for a powerful one as a companion. It will offer you an extra boost to enhance the gameplay.

In case you haven't known, after the OB29 update, you can now use 2 pets' abilities instead of 1!

7. Push rank initially

Free Fire players are recommended to push the ranks in the first stages because there is obviously less competition. It will be more seamless to climb pass the initial tiers if you have an early headstart.

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