With the 4th Anniversary in Free Fire, there are currently loads of exciting events in the game. One of those events is the Mysterious Shop, featuring the 2 T.R.A.P bundles for male and female characters.

Free Fire Mysterious Shop
Free Fire 4th Anniversary Mysterious Shop

The Mystery Shop is an event in Free Fire where players can buy items with a great discount, up to 90%. This is a great chance for players to spend their Diamonds and get their desired items at a super low price.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Mystery Shop

The Free Fire 4th Anniversary Mystery Shop lasts for 7 days from August 21 to August 28.

Before entering the Mystery Shop, you can try your luck to see how much discount you can get.

Free Fire Mystery Shop
You can try your luck and see how much discount you will get in the Mystery Shop.

All the items in the Mystery Shop will be discount by the number you rolled. The Mystery Shop has 2 parts, one features the T.R.A.P Primo female bundle, and the other features the T.R.AP Alpha male bundle. You can switch back and forth between these 2 shops, but it will cost you 10 Diamonds each time.

Mystery Shop
You mút spend 80 Diamonds in the Mystery Shop before you can buy the bundle.

Apart from these 2 bundles, the Mystery Shop also features many other items such as characters, vouchers, skins,... All of them are offered with discount by a great amount.

Please note that you must first spend 80 Diamonds in each shop to be able to purchase these bundles.

There are still many other exciting events in the Free Fire 4th Anniversary celebration so check us out at Gurugamer for the latest news.

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