The Free Fire 4th Anniversary has brought to the game many new events for players to claim free rewards. One of those events is the Fragment Royale event, which features the Disc Hover Surfboard skin as the grand prize.

In this article, we will show you how to join the Fragment Royale and get the Disc Hover Surfboard skin for free.

Fragment Royale Free Fire
Get the Disc Hover Surfboard skin in the Fragment Royale Free Fire.

Free Fire Fragment Royale Event

The Fragment Royale is a special lucky spin in the Free Fire 4th Anniversary. The event lasts from August 20 to September 6.

Instead of using Gold or Diamond, you need Anniversary Dynamic Token to spin it. There are 2 options to spin. You can spin 1 time using 1 Anniversary Dynamic Token or 5 times using 5 Anniversary Dynamic Tokens.

Fragment Royale Free Fire 1
Free Fire Fragment Royale Event

Here is the list of rewards in the Fragment Royale:

  • Flaming Skull Weapon Loot Crate, MP40 - Snkeay Clown Weapon Loot Crate, FAMAS - Vampire Weapon Loot Crate, SCAR -  Phantom Assasin Weapon Loot Crate.
  • Rhythm Fragments, Universal Fragments, Gold Royale Voucher, Random Loadout Loot Crate.
  • Incubator Voucher, Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher.
  •  Disc Hover Surfboard skin.
Fragment Royale Free Fire Rewards
List of rewards in the Fragment Royale

How to get Anniversary Dynamic Token in Free Fire

Daily mission

You can get up to 8 Anniversary Dynamic Token at this Free Fire 4th anniversary from daily missions:

  • Game Login - 1 Anniversary Dynamic Token
  • Play 1 game - 1 Anniversary Dynamic Token
  • Deal 200 damage in any mode - 1 Anniversary Dynamic Token
  • Take a picture with Alok at the Annual Party - 5 Anniversary Dynamic Token

Play matches

From August 20 to August 27, you will get an Anniversary Dynamic Token after you complete a match. You can get up to 20 Anniversary Dynamic Token every day.

4th Anniversary Missions
You can get up to 8 Anniversary Dynamic Token from daily missions.

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