Assault rifles are perhaps the most versatile class of weapons in Free Fire. While other classes are only designed for certain purposes and ranges, you can get away with most situations with an AR. They inflict good damage, offer relatively easy control, and operate at medium distance. Check out the best assault rifles in Free Fire with the highest damage output.

free fire hayato kelly
Do you want consistent and high damage output, choose the following guns!

Disclaimer: This article concerns the weapon's raw damage stats alone. We will not take players' skills or any other elements as a factor for evaluation.

#1. M14

By far, the M14 is the best assault rifle that Free Fire has to offer. It has the highest damage stats and range compared to other assault rifles in the game. The only disadvantage of this gun is its magazine capacity.

M14 Free Fire
In terms of damage, the M14 is the most powerful AR in the game.


The PARAFAL is one of those underrated weapons in Free Fire. In fact, it can inflict the second-highest damage output in the assault rifle category. The mobility and rate of fire are also good. Players can pair it with a powerful scope and silencer to get the best results.

Logo Free Fire Arma Parafal
Don't underestimate the PARAFAL.

#3. GROZA 

There are two assault rifles in Free Fire that have the same damage rate: GROZA and AK. Since the GROZA has a good range and has less recoil compared to AK, we place it in number three. The latter has high recoil, but the rate of damage makes up for this disadvantage.

Groza Gun In Free Fire
The GROZA is also a very reliable weapon.

#4. AK

The legendary AK definitely deserves its spot among the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire. This weapon has proved itself to be super powerful, reliable, capable of dealing great damage to enemies. However, players will need to practice to really master the AK. It has high recoil, which can be a challenge for newbies to control.

Blue Flame Draco 1
The AK will always be a fan-favorite pick.

#5. AN94

Like the PARAFAL, the AN94 is an underrated assault rifle in Free Fire. This is a highly mobile weapon that allows swift movement. The AN94 is perfect for high-speed, intense close-range fights. The damage, rate of fire, and range of the gun are also worth appreciation.

An94 Free Fire
AN94 is a powerful weapon for long-range combat.

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