The 4th Anniversary in Free Fire features a lot of unique events for players to have fun and get free skins. One of those events is the Free Fire Memory Album event, which you can complete easily in a few minutes and get the Thrash Goth Grenade skin. Lets' check out below and find out how can you do that.

Free Fire Memory Album Event

The Free Fire Memory Album event starts on August 20 to September 6.

In the Free Fire Memory Album event, there is a total of 15 photos, each represents a character. To unlock the album, you need to go to the Annual Party Lobby of Free Fire and take pictures with Free Fire characters there. The unlocked photo will show the picture of the character in the album.

To know which characters you need to take pictures with, click on the photos and there will be images of those characters.

Memory Album Event
Free Fire Memory Album Event

Here are the rewards of the latest Free Fire Memory Album event:

  • 3 photos - Gold Royale Voucher
  • 10 photos - 1000 Gold
  • 15 photos - Thrash Goth Grenade
Kelly Photo
Click on the photo to find out which character you need to take pictures with.

How to complete the Free Fire Memory Album Event

You need to change your game mode to Annual Party first and then start the game.

Free Fire Annual Lobby
Change the game mode to Annual Party.

This will bring you to the Annual lobby in Free Fire, where you can many different Free Fire characters to take pictures with. The Annual lobby is also where you can complete daily missions to earn Anniversary Dynamic Token for the Fragment Royale.

Annual Lobby Free Fire
Annual Lobby Free Fire

The location of the characters in the lobby is random, so we can't show you their exact position. Also, there are a lot of other players running around in the lobby. However, there is a trick to make it easier, by looking for the name above their head.

Get close to the character you find in the lobby and tap Snap Shot.

Snap Shot Free Fire
Find characters and take a picture with them.

Use the small button above the camera icon to filter out all other players if you want and take a picture and unlock a photo in the album.

Free Fire Memory Album Event
Filter out other people if you want.

There is also a secret portal in the lobby. You need to go through this portal to find Misha.

Annual Party
Go through the secret portal to find Misha.

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