While Battle Royale is the main gameplay mode in Free Fire, Clash Squad has also amassed a decent number of fans over time. In this mode, 2 teams of 4 players are pitted against each other in 4 vs 4 combat. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 tips and tricks to win in Free Fire Clash Squad mode OB29

1 - Pick the right character

In OB29, having the best character for Clash Squad is more important than ever. Garena has been releasing quite a few useful characters for this mode, from the powerful Xayne with an 80HP heal to Dimitri who allows you to let teammates self-revive.

Usually, CS mode matches are fought in a small fenced-off area on the map, with players using aggressive strategy rather than defense. Overall, it is best to focus on powerful heal/attack abilities like Alok, A124, Jota...

Dimitri Vs Kelly
Dimitri and Kelly are useful in Clash Squad OB29.

2 - Determine to win the first round

The first round is actually one of the biggest factors that decide the winner in Free Fire Clash Squad OB29. It is the only round in which players of both teams are equal. Players don't have enough cash to purchase good weapons and have to use bad ones like pistols.

You should practice these weapons and don't be afraid of using your skill to get an advantage in the first round. If you win, the whole team would get more cash to get better weapons next round.

3 - Get a decent weapon combination

Players need to get a decent weapon combination and adjust it based on the need of their team. For example, having two shotguns is bad, but buying a sniper rifle when your team already has 2 snipers is also bad.

How To Play Clash Squad Free Fire
Shops in Clash Squad

In this case, players should get an AR like the AN-94 or FAMAS to improve their mid-range fighting strength while still be able to protect the snipers in their team. The whole squad should diversify and attribute roles similar to a normal squad in BR mode. Using weapons that were buffed in the OB29 patch like Mag-7, UMP Thompson, MP5, M1014,  etc.. is a good idea.

4 - Try not to feed or trade kills

A 1 for 1 trade might seem fine, but you should avoid doing it if possible. Getting one kill then die is not worth doing unless you are saving money this round by using bad weapons.

Focus on winning an individual round rather than the whole match is a good mindset to have, as it would reduce your mental pressure. There have definitely been cases in which teams that were 3 matches behind mounting a comeback from zero. In Clash Squad OB29, it is really easy to come back using powerful character skills.

5 - Make use of coordination and communication

This is rather hard to achieve when playing with random people on the internet. If you want to climb rank in Clash Squad, it is best to find a team instead of playing solo. In this mode, most players are rushing... and for that to be effective, squads need to follow and cover for each other.

Try using voice chat if possible - even if your teammates can't reply, they might choose to follow your direction. This is encouraged in the newest patch OB29, with the new characters having skills that focus on helping teammates.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season
Clash Squad is a 4 vs 4 mode, therefore, teammates are important.

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