Free Fire OB29 Advance Server is finally out, revealing new characters, skill changes and a lot of new features. One of the biggest changes amongst them is probably the buff to the pet system. You can now use 2 pets' abilities instead of 1!

In this article, we are going to analyze the new pet skill system to figure out how to use it to the maximum potential.

About the new pet system

You can now equip 2 pet skills on one pet in OB29 Advance Server. This will work the same as normal skill builds - with you only able to equip the skills of the pets you have. This is a massive change that would enable a lot more new strategies... with people combo their pet skills based on build.

 pets with more than one skill
Fans have been asking for pets with more than one skill for quite a while now.

Team-based pets like Falcon can be used freely now without sacrificing a pet slot.

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What are the best pet skill combos?

  • Amongst the pets, Rockie is probably the best candidate for the extra slot, with his ability reduces the cooldown of your active skill. If you are going to use characters with long cooldowns like Xayne or Clu or Chrono, having Rockie is a must.
Rockie is going to be the most popular pet when the new pet system is released
  • For rusher/assaulter, the Beaston + Dreki combo is a must. You get both longer range for your grenade throws and the ability to detects enemies who are using medkits. This allows rushers to perform much better in their role of opening fights and pursuing enemies.
  • For snipers, the Dr. Beanie and Mr. Waggor combo should fulfill all their needs. The free Gloo grenade from Waggor lets you deploy a cover whenever needed... and Dr. Beanie lets you move around faster while retaining the crouching accuracy.
  • The new Ninja Tiger pet in OB29 is going to be super good on any builds. His ability lets the user deal more damage to enemies who are on the move. More damage is always useful, especially when it is from a pet skill.
New Tiger Ninja pet
The new Tiger Ninja pet in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server is going to be super useful when the patch is released. 
  • You can also stack multiple healing skills on your pet, with Detective Panda, Ottero and Spirit Fox being the most popular targets. Amongst them, Ottero is probably the best one, as his skill also restoring EP.
  • Finally, the Falcon pet is the best companion to all competitive players. If you want to land early to grab those weapons and armors, using the Falcon is a must. His ability affects all member of the team, so only one person carrying the falcon is enough.

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