Free Fire's newest beta test, the Advance Server OB29, has finally been released yesterday. It is the biggest update for Free Fire to date, bringing 2 new characters, 1 awakening, and a brand new "craft mode". Amongst the new additions, the new mysterious "immortal" Thiva character is probably the most broken.

In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about this mysterious character.

About Thiva's ability

Apparently, Thiva is yet another character related to music - another singer. His skill "Healing Heartbeat" is an active ability that creates a healing zone of 5 meters radius. Allies inside the zone are healed for 3HP per second. Furthermore, anyone who gets knocked out in the zone can get up by themselves, including the user.

Healing Heartbeat Free Fire OB29
Healing Heartbeat Free Fire OB29 is pretty broken.

Healing Heartbeat gets stronger with levels. Its cooldown gets reduced by 5 and duration gets increased by 1 per level.

  • 1: Lasts 10 seconds and the skill cooldown is 85 seconds.
  • 2: Lasts 11 seconds and the skill cooldown is 80 seconds.
  • 3: Lasts 12 seconds and the skill cooldown is 75 seconds.
  • 4: Lasts 13 seconds and the skill cooldown is 70 seconds.
  • 5: Lasts 14 seconds and the skill cooldown is 65 seconds.
  • 6: Lasts 15 seconds and the skill cooldown is 60 seconds.

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Would Healing Heartbeat become the next META ability?

As usual, whenever Free Fire Advance Server releases a new character, netizens start wondering whether that newcomer would become the next Meta in the game. Let's analyze the abilities of Thiva to have answer for this question!

Long duration and short cooldown

The increase in duration makes Thiva's skill even more broken. In that 15 seconds, you and every ally inside the zone are effectively immortal, as long as enemies are not close enough to finish you off. This issue can be resolved with any waist-high cover. The 60s cooldown is fairly decent, just enough to be spammable.

Thiva Free Fire
Free Fire Thiva might be a female character, but it is not confirmed yet.

Strong tactical effect

The fact that Healing Heartbeat affects its user is what makes it strong. You can use it in any sniper build and engage in duels - even if enemies knock you down, you won't be killed. The regeneration rivals Alok's Drop The Beat - you get a total of 45 HP in 15 seconds.

With this ability, you won't have to waste time helping downed teammates in a fight anymore - which is the most tactical part of team-based combat. Now, you can just activate the skill and fight off enemies while teammates getting up. Combat would be much simpler this way.

Free Fire Thiva
Free Fire Thiva lets downed teammates get up without help.


If there are no changes in the official release, the new character Free Fire Thiva is going to be the next meta in high-level ranks and the pro scene in Free Fire.

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