Sniping is one of the most common roles in Free Fire. A pro sniper could take enemies out from a safe distance, leading to an easy booyah for their team. While having a steady aim and accuracy is still the most important, there are still some strategies you need to follow in order to be proficient at using snipers. In this article, we are going to showcase the best tips for beginners to become good snipers in Free Fire.

1 - Stop aiming down sight (ADS) after firing

Aiming down sights is something you need to do to shoot at opponents, as you can't really see the targets without doing it. However, after firing the shot, it is vital to zoom out and readjust your aim.

It might seem clunky at first, but this method has many benefits. Firstly, you get to catch a glimpse of your surrounding, just in case there are enemies approaching. Secondly, it is much easier to move your weapon and readjust your aim due to the higher sensitivity.

Master Both Assaulting And Sniping
Know when to ADS is very important in becoming good snipers in Free Fire.

2 - Always try to use the high ground advantage

While sniping opponents at long range is always viable, getting the high ground advantage makes things a lot easier. Firstly, being on the high ground partially covers your body, especially when enemies are directly below you. This means they will have a harder time shooting at you.

Furthermore, the high ground gives you a vantage point to see over covers and everything that happens in the vicinity. This lets players adapt to the situation easier.

3 - Silencers are not useless

Free Fire players favor muzzles over silencers, as the former gives the equipped weapon more accuracy and higher range. However, if you are trying to stay off the minimap, using a silencer might prove effective. With a silenced rifle, your position would not be revealed on the minimap and you can try again afterward.

Alternatively, you can also use Rafael's ability for sniping. It is a passive that automatically gives your sniper weapons a silencing effect. This stack on top of the muzzle - you can have both effects while only equipping one.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael's ability is super useful now, much better than the previous version.

4 - Patience is the key

Rushing the shot is a common mistake that beginners often make in Free Fire. It is important that you get a headshot using snipers for a clean one-shot kill.

However, it is hard to train the mental fortitude needed. Most players are hasty and tend to shoot whenever a target gets into their sight. Shooting at the body, arms or legs can completely waste your chance to take enemies down, as they can just run away and heal back to full.

5 - Rotate after a fight

Staying at a known location is not a good idea. It is important that you rotate after every fight. If you stay put for too long, opponents who detected your location can rotate and either flank or backstab you from behind.

Rotating at the right time save players from being rushed as well. Smart rotating can give players the drop on any enemies who are trying to rush the old location.

Good snipers in Free Fire can ambush enemies who are trying to flank.

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