In the past few days, events of the Free Fire 4th Anniversary have been going on in full swing. Currently, users can participate in the Login Rewards event for the Thrash Metallic backpack skin. There are several other events that included the Amplified Bassrock bundle and the Disc Hover surfboard as free rewards.

However, the main prizes are not yet here: Garena has finally revealed the list of rewards during the Free Fire 4th anniversary event peak day, August 28th. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know.

1 - Login Reward: Thiva character

Players who log into the game during peak day will be able to get the new Thiva character as a login reward. This offer will only be available for 24 hours, from 4 AM August 28 to 4 AM August 29. Afterward, you have to buy Thiva normally if you want the character.

To claim Thiva, just access the event interface and click on the "login reward" button.

Free Thiva
Garena gives away a free character every Free Fire anniversary, and on the 4th anniversary peak day, Thiva is the grand prize.

2 - Play More for Cube Fragments

In this event, players would be able to get free Magic Cube fragments by completing matches. 100 of the fragments can be exchanged for a Magic cube, which in turn can be used to exchange for various rare bundles in the magic cube shops.

The exact number of fragments given away in this event is not revealed yet, however. It is possible that Garena would give more than one cube (100 - 200 fragments) this event.

Magic cubes
Magic cubes are one of the most wanted resources in Free Fire.

3 - CS Cup Challenge

The Clash Squad Cup Challenge is the main event planned for Free Fire's 4th anniversary peak day. By participating in Clash Squad mode, players will get the opportunity to acquire the Dimitri & Thiva Bobblehead, alongside the Party Panda pet skin.

Players can exchange a "Clash Squad Cup Upgrade Voucher" using 15 Anniversary Red Tokens collected from one of the ongoing events. There are also 3 Diamond Vouchers available for trade as well.

CS Cup
Players will need to grind a lot on August 28, the 4th anniversary peak day.

4 - Rare Gold Royale sets return

Garena held a poll a week ago on their social media handles, asking players to vote for the 3 Gold Royale bundles they want to come back the most. Dunk Master, Quarterback, and Motorcyclist won the poll - they are going to be reintroduced into Free Fire on the peak day, August 28. However, these bundles will only be available during that day, similar to the free Thiva character.

If you want to get them, it is best to prepare enough gold for exchanging as soon as they are released.

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