Amongst the cosmetic items in Free Fire, bundles are the best, as all their pieces have the same theme. Some of the earlier released bundles have been removed from the game, with players no longer able to acquire them. Occasionally, Garena brings them back for players to buy, and on this Free Fire 4th anniversary date, 3 most wanted Gold Royale Bundles are added back to the game.

1 - Garena opened returning bundles poll

A few days ago, Garena has conducted a poll on their social media handles, asking players to vote for their favorite bundle in a list of 8. The options included 3 female sets and 5 male sets:

  • Dunk Master bundle
  • Quarterback bundle
  • Queen of the Ring bundle
  • Motorcyclist bundle
  • Modern Mafia bundle
  • Canine Defender bundle
  • Imperial Corps bundle
  • Toxic-Lime Python bundle

The top 3 votes will be relaunched in future events of Free Fire, which probably alludes to the 4th anniversary. These bundles are from Free Fire's earliest days when costumes have simple themes.

Vote for your favorite
Vote for your favorite bundle

2 - Which are the poll winners?

The developers presented the result of this event yesterday, with the three winners being Dunk Master, Quarterback and Motorcyclist. These bundles have received the most votes in the tournament.

The abovementioned bundles will be relaunched in the Gold royale section of the shop, which is much easier to get than Diamonds. There is a catch, however - you can only get these bundles during August 28, the Anniversary's peak day. Afterward, they will be removed.

If you plan on getting these bundles, it is best to save your gold now. The relaunch of these old bundles is an excellent opportunity for new players to acquire bundles they missed.

The winners
The winners of the poll

3 - Details of Gold royale bundles

Dunk Master

The Dunk Master Bundle is based on the iconic basketball wear, with red shorts, jersey and hand/leg guards. The top piece is decorated with Free Fire and the number 3.

Overall, this set is simple but beautiful. There are so many outlandish costumes in Free Fire that sometimes a simple costume set like this would draw more attention.

Dunk Master
Dunk Master Gold Royale bundle


The Quarterback is yet another sport themed set. This time it is based on the American version of Football, which ironically uses hands. The set contains a reinforced top and shorts, with a lot of pads to protect players from accidents in the match.

It is a shame that this set does not include the iconic football helmet.

Quarterback Bundle
Quarterback Bundle In Free Fire


The Motorcyclist bundle is a Motorcycle racing uniform that covers the character from neck to toe. Usually, this uniform will come with a full helmet... but the Free Fire version decides to go with a cap instead. The motorcyclist only wear this when outside of the tracks.

Motorcyclist Gold Royale Bundle

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