Of course, the first thing you have to do whenever you want to play a game nowadays is to download it. No matter which platform you're on, which genre you're looking at, it always starts with downloading the game. Or so we thought.

If you're using a smartphone, there's a way for you to get around things a little bit. By utilizing Google Play Instant, mobile gamers can enjoy the game without downloading it. This is applicable for all popular games, including Garena Free Fire. So, how do you do it?

Free Fire
Here's how to play Free Fire without even downloading the game.

What Is Google Play Instant?

As you may already know, there are a lot of applications and games available on the Google Play Store. There are so many to go through that you can literally get lost in the sea of selections. Users may download and install an app only to find out that it doesn't meet their expectations. That process can be very time-consuming and exhausting.

So, to help users save their time, Google introduces Google Play Instant. It offers kind of a test run, from which users can determine whether the app lives up to their attention or not. This way, you can get a taste of the content without having to download the app.

However, the test run does not last forever. It only allows you to try out the app for a short while. If you like what you see, you can go ahead and download the full version later. It's the perfect way to check out Free Fire before the game's 4th anniversary.

Google Play Instant
Not all games provide demos, be sure to check carefully.

How To Play Free Fire Without Downloading

Please follow the steps below to play Free Fire without having to download the game:

  • Launch Google Play Store on your Android devices.
  • Find Garena Free Fire under the Games category.
  • Click on the Try Now button.
  • Click Try Now. You will be able to try out the game for about 2 minutes. Players can easily eradicate the enemies and win the Free Fire demo match.
  • After trying the game, Google will prompt you to download the full game.
Play Free Fire Download
Google Play will ask you to download the game if you like it.

All in all, it's a good way to know for sure you like Free Fire or not. But note that the enemies you're facing in the demo match are very weak with poor AI. They're not good presenters of real players.

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