BNL, whose real name is Oussema Elloumi, is a popular Free Fire YouTuber from the Middle East server. He also streams Free Fire on Nimo TV. BNL is quite famous in the Free Fire community and he has fans all over the world thanks to his amazing skill in the game. This is why many people really want to know about BNL's Free Fire ID. In this article, we will reveal BNL Free Fire ID, real name, stats, income, and more.

Bnl Free Fire 1
BNL a.k.a Oussema Elloumi

BNL's Free Fire ID and Stats

BNL's Free Fire ID is 297929835. His Free Fire account is currently at level 80 and has a staggering number of 73746 likes on his profile.

Even for a famous Free Fire YouTuber, the number of likes on his Free Fire account is actually crazy. His Battle Style is Dominator and Wrestler. He is currently in the Over Power guild.

In the last Battle Royale Season 21, BNL reached rank Heroic II and he is currently at rank Diamond IV. As for the Clash Squad Ranked mode, he hasn't played very much and stays at Bronze rank.

Bnl Free Fire Id
BNL profile in Free FIre

BNL has shown to be an excellent Free Fire player through his gameplay and highlights. Thus, many people want to know what his overall stats in Free Fire are. Below are the lifetime stats of BNL Free Fire in Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode.

BNL Battle Royale Lifetime stats

BNL has played a total of 26813 games in Squad mode and won 3687 of them, which translates into a win rate of 13.7%. He accumulated a total of 90223 kills and a K/D ratio of 3.36.

In Duo mode, he played a total of 774 and achieved 84 victories. That is a win rate of 10.8%. He got a total of 1443 kills in Duo mode, which is a K/D ratio of 1.86.

In Solo mode, the streamer played a total of 1249 and claimed 78 victories, which is a 6.2% win rate. He got a total of 2409 kills, which translates to a 1.9 K/D ratio.

Op Bnl Lifetime Stats
BNL Free Fire Batte Royale Lifetime stats

As you can see, BNL mostly plays the Battle  Royale Squad mode while barely touch the other 2 modes. This is the same for most Free Fire YouTubers in India as well. Many players like the Squad mode more because it requires more strategy and skill than other modes. It st is the same case for BNL as more 90% of his matches overall are Squad matches.

BNL Clash Squad Lifetime stats

BNL has played a total of 1348 Clash Squad on his account and has an impressive win rate of 70.85% with 955 victories. Most decent Free Fire players can reach a 50% win rate at best and it is extremely difficult to stay at the 70% win rate.

He has a very aggressive playstyle, which got 10451 kills and a K/D/A of 2.52. His headshot rate is also really high at 52.46%. Even though he doesn't play Clash Squad every often his ever stats are really high, showing how good he is at the game.

Bnl Clash Squad
BNL Free Fire Clash Squad Lifetime stats

Note that these stats are recorded at the moment of writing this article and they are subjected to changes in the future.

BNL's YouTube channels

The BNL YouTube channel is currently having 7.22 million subscribers. The channel was created on August 7, 2017, and it has got a total of more than 490 million views so far. This channel is where he posts his gameplay and highlights videos in Free Fire. The channel is growing quite fast with 150 thousand more subscribers over the last 30 days.

Other than YouTube, NBL also has a Nimo TV channel where he lives streams Free Fire.

BNL's income in 2021

According to Social Blade, the BNL YouTube channel got a total of 14 million views over the last 30 days. The number of views on the channel is actually quite low compare to the other channels of the same size. Mr. Triple R's Free Fire only has more than 3 million subscribers on Youtuber channels but has twice the views.

The BNL YouTube channel can earn from $3.5 thousand to $66 thousand a month. Note that this is only the estimate of his earnings from his YouTube channel and not including other sources of income.

Bnl Free Fire
BNL Free Fire YouTube channel stats on Social Blade


1. What is BNL's real name?

BNL's is a Free Fire streamer from Tunisia. His real name is Oussema Elloumi.

2. What is BNL's Free Fire ID?

BNL's Free Fire ID is 297929835. His full in-game name is OP BNL.

3. How much does BNL Free Fire make?

According to the stats of his YouTube channel on Social Blade, he made around $3.5 thousand to $66 thousand a month.

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