In a battle royale like Free Fire, players usually carry two different weapons to be able to adapt to various situations in combat. Amongst them, the most popular combo is probably an assault rifle plus a sniper/close-range weapon.

Close Quarter Combat in Free Fire
Close Quarter Combat in Free Fire requires specific weapons and skills.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best weapons for close quarter combat in Free Fire.

1 - M1887

The M1887 is generally considered the "king of Shotguns" in Free Fire. With a whopping 100 damage per shot and a tight spread range, a hit on the chest should almost knock out a player. You can just do a body shot with the second bullet.

M1887, King of Shotguns, should never be left out of any close-quarter combat.

The reason behind this crazy damage is probably the 67 points in armor-piercing - no helmets or vests can deal with this kind of damage. The hard part about using the M1887 is that you have only 2 chances to hit the bullet. If you miss, it is very likely that the enemy could turn the table.

2 - MP40

This gun is one of the deadliest weapons in the game early on, being the gun with the highest fire rate. If you are good at spraying, the MP40's extremely fast discharges can deal massive damage to enemies in just a few seconds.

MP40 might cause some difficulties for low-level players but it's definitely among the must-use in close quarters.

The weakness of the MP40 is that you cannot equip any attachments but magazine and stock. This is a problem for less experienced players, as its accuracy is fairly low. It is not too big of a drawback, as you usually only use it in close quarters anyway.

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3 - UMP

The UMP is currently the most damaging SMG in the game, due to the fact that it is the only weapon in the SMG class that can penetrate armors. With a whopping 63 points in Armor Penetration, the gun can ignore up to 60% of enemies' damage reduction from vests and helmets.

UMP is one of the best weapons for close-quarter combats for its significant damaging feature.

The UMP also has the highest reload speed and movement speed in the class as well. If you are going to use a UMP, you need to get a foregrip and muzzle to reduce the gun's random bullet spread and improve its accuracy.

4 - Vector Akimbo

The fact that this weapon can be dual-wielded boosts it to the top tier amongst all close combat weapons. You can dish out an incredible amount of damage with the Vector, higher than most SMGs in the game. However, you need 2 copies of the weapon to dual-wield it... and the amount of bullets consumption is doubled.

Vector Akimbo
Remember to get two copies of Vector Akimbo!

5 - M1014

This gun is probably the most popular amongst shotguns due to its relatively wider margin of error. With a whopping 6 bullets in the chamber, you could miss a few shots and still able to actually damage your enemy. The downside is its wider spread - you need to stand much closer using this gun comparing to other weapons in its class.

Using M1014 means you need to stand closer to your enemy.

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