Free Fire features a vast lane of outstanding attributes to offer its players. Besides exciting events, thrilling gameplay modes, as well as appealing graphics, the game also brings about various characters.

The characters assist you on the battleground and they can be “awakened” or “upgraded” to release their elite semblances.

Kelly The Swift
Read all you want to know about Elite characters in Free Fire below.

While there are two Free Fire characters that have their own Elite versions – Hayato and Kelly, Andrew’s upgrade form – Andrew “The Fierce” will soon be introduced in the title. From how to upgrade them and what their special features are, let us tell you everything you need to know about Elite characters in Free Fire.

How to upgrade to Elite characters in Free Fire?

For the unknown, the Elite forms develop from the character’s original ability while the new skillset will also be added. For instance, Elite Hayato still maintains Hayato’s initial skill (Bushido) and receives that enhanced skill set.

Awaken Andrew
Andrew The Fierce will be the new Elite character.

Therefore, to unlock a character’s Elite version, you need to have that character first. Luckily, the upgrade of Elite characters in Free Fire costs no money and you can gain them only by finishing some missions.

Here are all Free Fire Elite characters’ abilities and how to upgrade to them:

Elite Kelly (Kelly "The Swift")

Deadly Velocity is a passive ability that unlocks after four seconds of sprinting.

Elite Kelly in Free Fire
Kelly The Swift

Players can unlock Deadly Velocity after sprinting for four seconds. Her first shot on the opponent can do 101% damage. However, the skill only occurs for five seconds. The highest skill level of Kelly The Swift, which is level 6, boosts the first shot damage on opponents to 106%.

To unlock Kelly “The Swift” in Free Fire, you need to have five mission sets completed. After you have done all of them, the Awakening look, skill, and outfit will be unleashed.

Elite Hayato (Hayato Firebrand)

Elite Hayato’s passive ability, Art of Blades, can reduce frontal damage by 1% for any 10 percent reduction of top HP.

Elite Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire
Hayato Firebrand

At the highest level, the ability can reduce frontal damage by 3.5 percent for any 10 percent loss in your overall HP.

Meanwhile, Hayato "Firebrand" vs Kelly "The Swift" have constantly been put on a scale in terms of their power.

Elite Andrew (Andrew "The Fierce")

The passive ability of Awakened Andrew is the Wolf Pack. His ability’s official description states as below:

"Armor damage reduction boosted by 8%. An additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate carries this skill. "

Elite Andrew in Free Fire
Awakened Andrew

At the 6th level, the skill can increase damage reduction to armor by 14%.

You can obtain this Elite character by finishing daily missions at the Free Fire World Series 2021 event. While this skill’s release date has yet been confirmed, the developers announced that its name might officially be introduced during the Free Fire World Series tournament after 28 May.

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