Free Fire has been a phenomenon ever since its release in the gaming community. With a plethora of special items such as bundles, guns, and specially customized skins, players surely aspire to have and try all of them for their game.

However, not all of the gifts are free, hence you would have to spend your real money to obtain these benefits. For those who are looking for a solution, Nicoo App is one of those applications that would help you big time in getting, literally, any Free Fire skin that you like.

So, what is this Nicoo App Free Fire and how can gamers use it? We have got you covered with this article.

Free Fire Character
Obtain all Free Fire skins for free with Nicoo App.

What is Nicoo App Free Fire 2021?

Nicoo is the application that allows players to experience Free Fire items for free. As you use this app, you will get a lot of presents and surprises without having to spend a penny or dime.

In fact, it lets you discover endless skins for the in-game characters while also being able to change attributes within. While players usually need to recharge diamonds to purchase weapons and clothes, Nicoo can unlock every item in only one click and helps you enjoy the best experience.

Nicoo App Free Fire
Check out all steps and reminders to enjoy your best experience in Free Fire.

Although you may have lots of other options to make your gaming adventure better, Nicoo app Free Fire APK would be a too smart choice to overlook. As some players may have not known how to use this application, dive in right below.

How to use Nicoo App Free Fire

It goes without saying that players first need to have Free Fire on their device before installing the application. Nicoo app Free Fire 2021 installation by means of the APK file must need the activation of the “Unknown sources” option in Settings>Applications.

Minimum requirements

  • Op. System: Android 5.0 or above
  • App size: 13.18 MB

How to install

Meanwhile, using Nicoo is not challenging at all. Here is a simple step-to-step guide:

  • Download Nicoo app Free Fire APK with the official link.
  • As it has been installed on your device, open it and touch the button locating on the interface’s top part to run Free Fire.
  • You will now see every available skin in a floating window. Make your own customizing choices by choosing the items you like from that floating bar. Players can make a lot of options from accessories to aesthetic specs such as clothes and hairstyles.
  • The application will remember your preferences and you can see them when you return to the lobby.

Nicoo App Website 1

Nicoo App Website 2
Steps to use Nicoo App

Moreover, once having been inside the game, players can have even more fun such as altering their viewpoint of the battle field or the crosshair.

Reminder: As Free Fire has a ban policy for those who use hacks or cheats in the game, some who use Nicoo App Free Fire skin may get reported and kicked out of the title. Therefore, whether the game will let you pass depends on your luck.

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Features that make Nicoo App Free Fire stand out

Free Fire gamers do not have the choice to stop by the store in the game and get tactical benefits such as enhanced weapons, better character abilities like better aiming, or increased speed. However, Nicoo App provides them access to plenty of advantages, hence set them apart from other players.

Nicoo App Free Fire 2021
The application has new updates with errors being fixed.

Main features

Those who have used the app will find out how useful and convenient it is. According to the developers of the service, Nicoo app Free Fire 2021 has these main features:

  • Trustworthy: Nicoo app provides users with free Free Fire skins 2021.
  • Secure: You do not have to root or need any additional permission to use this application.
  • Convenient: Nicoo brings about a premium experience without a cost.
  • Easy to use: As displayed above, it does not require any advanced programming knowledge on the player’s part.
  • Considerate: Nicoo is open to every fan of the game from all areas across the globe.
  • Open: The service developers welcome every single feedback or advice on their service.

Updated issues

Previously, the app did not function on a number of Android phones. However, it works quite smoothly now despite some minor errors like app crashes. The latest update on Nicoo is working on the Free Fire 1.60.1 version.

Meanwhile, the matching problem on Rank mode has also been fixed in the new update, making Nicoo much better to use.

If any error shall occur while you use the app, contact the developers to get assistance.

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