Moco is the star of Free Fire's currently ongoing Moco: Rebirth event series. The legendary hacker was performing quite poorly in the previous patches. Luckily, she has just received a massive with her entire new elite form. Let's take a while to learn more about the Moco character in Free Fire.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
Moco is a god-tier hacker.

Moco In Free Fire Story

Moco is a female playable character in the Free Fire universe. According to the game's lore, she is the legendary hacker of the Cyber World.

Moco's background contains a lot of hacking, breaching, and taking down massive AI. You know, just normal hackers' stuff. Moco is also dubbed as "chat noir" for her skill and intelligence. She can easily penetrate any computer she wants, takes the information she needs, then vanishes into thin air.

While many people are curious about Moco in real life, there is no real-life figure of Moco in Free Fire. However, you may want to check some excellent cosplay of this character to see how Moco would look like in reality.

Moco Free Fire Real Life
Real life cosplay of Moco in Free Fire

Ability Of Moco Character In Free Fire

Moco's Passive Ability

The hacker has a unique passive called “Hacker’s eye”. This ability allows her to tag any enemies she hits for a duration of time. Players can upgrade the ability to extend the tag duration, up to 5 seconds at the maximum level.

Here's the progression of Moco's ability by level:

  • Lvl1: Tag the enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Lvl2: Tag the enemies for 2.5 seconds.
  • Lvl3: Tag the enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Lvl4: Tag the enemies for 3.5 seconds.
  • Lvl5: Tag the enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Lvl6: Tag the enemies for 5 seconds.
Female Characters Moco
Moco's passive ability

Overall, this is a good passive ability that is often underrated in Free Fire. Whether you're playing solo or in a squad, getting hold of the enemies' positions always comes in handy. It enables you and your teammates to plan the next move and gain the first-strike advantage.

However, Moco's passive still cannot compete with other characters' healing or shield-creating skills. Her ability doesn't provide any attack buff either, which puts Moco in a support/scout position rather than the main DPS.

Elite Moco's Ability

Luckily, Garena gives Moco a much-needed buff with her Elite form. When players unlock this form for Moco, it will enhance the effect of her passive ability. Elite Moco's ability is "Engima’s Eye". It's an upgraded version of  Hacker’s Eye. The marked targets now reveal their position for an extended period of time whenever they move.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
Upgrade Moco to her Elite form to unlock new effects for her ability.

Here are the details of Elite Moco abilities in Free Fire:

  • Lvl1: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 2s.
  • Lvl2: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 2.5s.
  • Lvl3: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 3.5s.
  • Lvl4: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 4.5s.
  • Lvl5: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 5.5s.
  • Lvl6: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 6.5s.

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How To Purchase Moco In Free Fire?

Moco is currently listed in the shop at 499 Diamonds or 8000 Gold Coins. She will be a good pick for players who don't want to spend their money purchasing Diamonds.

Follow the steps below to purchase Moco character in Free Fire:

  1. Launch Garena Free Fire. Visit the game's shop via the store icon on the left of the main menu.
  2. Go to the character tab.
  3. The list of available characters will appear. Navigate through the list until you find Moco.
  4. Confirm making the purchase.

Once you have contained Moco, you'll also unlock the option to upgrade her to Elite Moco. Complete the Awakening missions to get Moco Awakening Emblem. Use these Moco Awakening Emblems to unlock all story chapters and advance her to the Elite form.

Is Moco A Good Character In Free Fire?

In our opinion, the Moco character in Free Fire is a solid pick for free-to-play players. If you don't plan to spend any money on the game, we'll definitely think Moco can get most of the game's content done for you. She can fit different team combinations in all Free Fire's game modes.

However, Moco is still a little bit short away from the paywall powerhouses like DJ Alok, Chrono, or Skyler. These characters offer healing, shield, and flexibility. So, all in all, we have to say Moco is a solid, but not outstanding character.

Moco still cannot compete with Free Fire's comfort picks.

That's everything you need to know about the Moco character in Free Fire. How would you rate the legendary hacker of the Cyber World? Let us know in the comment below. For more articles, hop on over to our website at

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