Elite Moco is the newest character awakening released in Free Fire, bringing her to the top tier alongside the likes of Alok or Chrono. Her ability, Hacker's eye, is a really versatile passive that tracks enemies hit by her attacks, for up to 11.5 seconds.  In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 characters to combo with Elite Moco in Free Fire.

1. Maro's Falcon Fervor

Maro's ability has direct synergy with Moco's Hacker's Eye - it increases the damage dealt to tracked targets by 3.5% at max level. While the boost is not that high, Moco's ability definitely aids long range combat, where players often use Maro's skill for extra damage.

With the enemy tracked for a whopping 11.5 seconds after your first sniper shot, your chance for a second shot would be really high.

Free Fire Maro New
Maro is the best amongst characters that can combo with Elite Moco.

2. Alok's Drop the Beat

Alok's ability is the most powerful and versatile active skill in the game. It can go with any passive, and Elite Moco is not an exception. With Alok's Drop The Beat, you can quickly flanking runaway players who are tracked by Hacker's Eye and deal the final blow to finish them.

Furthermore, unlike Maro, Alok's Drop the beat allow Moco to go for an all-rounder build. This build can deal with enemies from both long ranges and short ranges.

Dj Alok
Alok can combo with pretty much everyone and not just Moco.

3. A124's Thrill of Battle

A124 is fairly similar to Alok, albeit with lower versatility. When combining Elite Moco with A124's skill, you can perform decent rushes, flanking enemies while gaining HP constantly. Moco's skill, Hacker's eye, would allow players to follow every move of their foes.

However, you can't flank as effectively as Alok, due to the fact that A124's Thrill of Battle does not provide a speed boost.

A124 is the best character to combo with Elite Moco in a close range build.

4. Rafael's Dead Silent

Another useful character in a sniper build, Rafael's passive Dead Silent will silence your shots and hide your location from enemies. This allows you to track them with Moco's skill and score further shots.

Dead Silent is restricted to only work on Sniper weapons though, so you need to build your own skill set around that.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael's ability was just buffed in a recent patch. It now causes enemies to bleed out faster in squad mode.

5. Dasha's Partying On

Dasha's Partying On is yet another skill useful in sniper builds. It allows you to leap from high ground at any time without taking damage. Furthermore, Dasha's skill also reduces recoil and recoil buildup. Moco could definitely use this, as weapon builds using Moco's ability usually have high recoil.

Dasha is often overlooked by Free Fire players, despite having one of the most useful abilities in the game.

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