Another Faded Wheel has arrived Free Fire and running along with the current Vector Aquablade Warth Faded Wheel. With the new Faded Wheel, players will have the chance to get a Phantom Microzark bundle for free. Let's find out how you can get this new bundle.

Phantom Microzark
New Phantom Microzark bundle in Faded Wheel in Free Fire.

Free Fire Phantom Microzark Faded Wheel

The Free Fire Phantom Microzark Bundle Faded Wheel lasts for 7 days from September 17 to September 24.

The Grand Prize of this Faded Wheel is the Phantom Microzark male bundle with black and purple colors. You have to spin to get the bundle. Before spinning the Faded Wheel, you can choose to remove 2 prizes from the pool to get more chances of getting the prizes you want. There is a total of 10 prizes in the Faded Wheel.

Phantom Zarck Faded Wheel
Free Fire Phantom Microzark Bundle Faded Wheel has arrived at Free Fire.

The first spin in the Faded Wheel will be free. So if you are very lucky, you can totally get the Phantom Microzark bundle in the first free spin. Each subsequent spin will cost more Diamonds: 9, 19, 29, 39, 69,99, 199, 499.

The prizes you already own will be removed from the spin so you are guaranteed to get the bundle after 8 spins. Here is the list of all rewards in the latest Free Fire Faded Wheel:

  • Phantom Microzark Bundle
  • Pet Food Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Cube Fragment
  • Bolt Parachute skin
  • Pink Devil Weapon Loot Box
  • VALENTINES Weapon Loot
  • Scan Playcard
  • Debugging Emote
  • Star General Backpack

You can find the Phantom Microzark Faded Wheel in the Luck Roayle of Free Fire. While most Faded Wheel only for a short time, they have really exotic prizes, plus everyone has a free spin so you shouldn't miss it.

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