At the time of writing, there are 39 characters in total in Garena Free Fire. They make up a great part of your experience with the whole game. Their unique abilities allow Free Fire survivors to play to their full potentials. Released in the OB26 update, Skyler is one of the top-tier characters in the game.

Here's why the CEO and superstar of Free Fire is so incredibly overpowered!

Skyler Character Breakdown

Introduced as part of Free Fire x Skyler collab event, this character owns an active ability called 'Riptide Rhythm'. It launches a sonic wave that destroys a maximum of five gloo walls within a 50-meter range at the first level, up to 100 meters when maxed out.

On top of that, whenever Skyler throws a gloo wall grenade to deploy the shield, he gains a small HP regen. At the max upgrade, you're looking at 9 free HP. Being such a great skill, yet Riptide Rhythm has a cooldown of only 40 seconds at the max level.

Free Fire Skyler Shirou New Characters En 1
Skyler is based on the Vietnamese pop star - Son Tung MTP.

Reasons Why Skyler Is OP In Free Fire

Here's why this character is game-breakingly strong in our book.

#1. Gloo Wall Breaker

Skyler is the only character in Free Fire who can take out all gloo walls within a certain radius. The more you level up his skill, the longer the range. This ability is just way too powerful and advantageous, especially in locations with no cover. You can easily proc 'Riptide Rhythm' to destroy all enemies' gloo walls, breaking their defense.

Skyler Is A Better Character For Open Fights
You can never win a fight in the open without this character.

Being able to replenish health whenever you throw out a gloo wall is way too good. You get into the fight, lose some health, set up a gloo wall and you get everything back. In critical fights, this small regeneration can make all the difference.

#2. Versatile Character For All Modes

Owning an incredibly powerful kit, Skyler is the top choice for all of the current game modes in Garena Free Fire. You can never go wrong with this pick, as with DJ Alok. His versatility and flexibility are all off the chart. Whether it's Clash Squad or Battle Royale, Riptide Rhythm will always have value.

If you don't know who you should purchase as your first premium character, choose Skyler. His range is incredible, at least until Garena decides to nerf him in the future.

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