Even if you choose a good drop location in Free Fire that is far away from the plane, it is possible that some other players can make the same choices. As the result, you are forced to share your loot place with the enemies, making the early game much more dangerous. Here are a few Free Fire tips for you to stay safe and take control of the location.

Drop far away from enemies

Dropping right next to your enemies will result in 2 outcomes, either you die first or they die first. It is better to drop on the area of the location, where you can loot comfortably for the first few minutes. Of course, you still need to stay alert since some players might play aggressively and push in early.

Also, try to remember the drop position of the enemies so you can tell which place is safe and where you should go next.

Free Fire Drop
You will find some enemies even if you drop far away.

Prioritize looting instead of fighting

Even if there is an enemy in your sight, try to prioritize looting first instead of engaging in a fight. You might not be able to kill them and you will attract the attention of other players nearby. It is better for you to be patient, finding more items, and avoid unnecessary fights.

In the early game, looting is the first priority.

Observe the enemies from the outside

Once you got enough loot for yourself, you need to find a good spot to observe the enemies and stay safe.  Some might choose a high building or inside a house, which is fine, but you can also stay at the edge of the town and look inside. Since most players are staying inside, being outside will eliminate the chance of getting shot in the back. You can also rotate your position easily.

Free Fire Loot Location
Stay the edge of the location and looking inside.

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