Free Fire has one of the biggest cosmetic collections in the mobile gaming world. The game has garnered heaps of eye-catching character bundles, weapon skins, and of course, emotes. Emotes allow your character to perform certain fun actions and taunts like no others.

Emotes also have different tiers and quality, with Legendary being the best you can find. The number of Legendary emotes gets bigger after every update of the game. Here are the best emotes in Free Fire as of September 2021.

#1. Eat My Dust

If you're a fan of car racing, then Eat My Dust is definitely the emote for you. This Legendary emote features a luxury automobile, coated in gold with red stripes and the character bouncing on it. Speaking of taunting and boasting your wealth at the same time, choose "Eat My Dust".

Eat My Dust
It can't get any more luxury than this!

#2. Pirate's Flag

The Pirate's Flag emote is among the most popular in Free Fire since March 2020. It was a part of the Pirate Top Up event. Upon purchasing the required number of Diamonds, you will get this emote as your free reward.

When you activate the Pirate's Flag emote, it will showcase the character taking out a flag with a pirate symbol then shoving it into the ground.

Pirates Flag
The Pirate's Flag emote is a must-have.

#3. Obliteration

Coming in 3rd place in our top 5 best emotes in Free Fire as of September 2021 is the Obliteration emote introduced in Free Fire x One-Punch Man collaboration. It features the signature move of the One-Punch Man's main character, Saitama. Hence, this is definitely a favorite among anime fans.

Oliberation Emote
Punch your way to victory.

#4. I'm Rich

I'm Rich, along with Power of Money and Make it Rain, were part of Free Fire's collab with Money Heist. Free Fire's La casa de Papel collaboration brought tons of exciting items to the game.

The I'm Rich emote captures the infamous scene of the series when Denver (Jaime Lorente) falls upon a pile of cash.

Im Rich
Flaunt this emote to lie upon a bed of cash.

#5. Flowers of Love

Last but not least, concluding our top 5 best emotes in Free Fire as of September 2021 is the Rose emote. It's known by another name, Flowers of Love. It was first introduced in the top-up event way back in February 2019. The Valentine-themed emote features the animation of a character in the proposal gesture holding a rose.

Flowers Of Love
Romantic and elegant.

Flowers of Love became one of the popular Free Fire emotes after that. However, it goes for a premium cost. That's why not many players are willing to include this item in their list.

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