Pets are wonderful companions to have in Garena Free Fire. They're like mini-characters, offering unique abilities to aid you on the battlefield. There are 17 pets available for you to choose from in Free Fire. However, we won't go over all of them in today's article. Instead, we will give you a list of the best pets to combo with Moco.

Moco is the star of the latest Moco's Rebirth event in Free Fire. She owns the ability to tag and share an enemy's location with teammates. Let's see which pets will accentuate Moco's skill even further.

#1. Detective Panda

Kicking off our top 5 pets to combo with Moco is Detective Panda. He is the leading healing pet in Free Fire and also one of the most versatile pets available. His ability, Panda’s Blessings, restores 4 HP with each kill you get. The healing factor increases to 10 HP per kill when you upgrade him to the highest level.

Detective Panda strengthens Moco's role as a supporting character or a rusher. His ability is great for both passive and active gameplay.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda is one of Free Fire's favorite companions.

#2. Spirit Fox

The second pet you can pair with Moco is Spirit Fox. Her ability, Well Fed, gives an extra 4 HP when using a health pack. Upon upgrading this skill to its maximum level, you'll gain an extra 10 HP by using a health pack. This may not seem like much. Yet, it's incredibly helpful in critical situations.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox pet in Free Fire

#3. Robo

Robo is also one of the most popular pets in Free Fire. He owns an ability is called Wall Enforcement. It adds a layer of shield to the gloo wall, providing an additional 60 HP. You can upgrade the skill to get up to 100 HP more on the gloo wall.

Moco can take advantage of Robo to set up and reveal the enemies before planning the next step. That's why Robo appears in our top 3 pets to combo with Moco.

Pets Free Fire Robo
Robo is not a bad choice for Moco either.

#4. Mr. Waggor

Next stop, we have Mr. Waggor. His ability is called Smooth Gloo, which provides an extra gloo wall grenade when there's none in the inventory. The cooldown of this ability is 120 seconds. You can upgrade the skill to get a gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds.

Mr Waggor Pet
Mr. Waggor to the rescue.

#5. Rockie

Last on our top 5 pets to combo with Moco is Rockie pet. His ability - Stay Chill just goes so well with Moco. It reduces the cooldown period of an active skill by up to 6%. Upon upgrading the pet to its maximum level, you can reduce the cooldown time by 15%. That means Moco can reveal more enemies and gain more advantages for her team.

Rockie's CDR bonus is just insane.

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