Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile. Into the game, players will drop into an island from a plane. They can pick up items and weapons on the island to fight 49 other players until there is only 1 survivor left.

It is important to have a good set of weapons and gears in Free Fire, especially at the start of the game. It will give you a great early game boost in fights and allows you to reposition anywhere you want. In this article, we are going to show you the best weapon looting locations in Free Fire on Bermuda Remastered and Kalahari.

Free Fire Weapons Location
Finding the best drop to loot gives you an advantage in the game.

Best Free Fire Weapons Location on Bermuda Remastered

1. Peak

Peak is the most wanted landing location on Bermuda Remastered. It is located right in the middle of the map. There is an abundance of high-quality loot here. You will be able to find many strong weapons, utility items, and high-tier gears here.

Peak in Free Fire Bermuda
Peak is the hottest drop location in Free Fire.

Of course, there will be a lot of players here every match so you really need to watch out. If you want to land here, you need to plan ahead and make the jump as soon as possible to land early. Otherwise, you will become just another free kill for other players.

2. Factory

The Factory is also another popular drop, only behind Peak. While the location is quite small, it offers a high amount of quality loot. Just like Peak, you will find a lot of early engagement in this place. There is enough loot here for 2 squads to be fully equipped.

3. Nurek Dam

Nurek Dam is a huge dam located on a river on the north side of the map. It is quite an uncommon location, not many players want to go to this place. There is a lot of good loot here though enough for a whole squad.

Nurek Dam Free Fire
The Nurek Dam is quite an uncommon location in Bermuda.

Best Free Fire Weapons Location on Kalahari

1. Confinement

The Confinement is located in the far East of the map. Since it is quite far from the center of the map, it is overlooked by many players. However, the quality and quantity of loot here are amazing. You might spot a few other players from time to time but the location is relatively safe overall.

Confinement Free Fire
The Confinement is a great location to get more loot.

If you decide to land here, you need to watch out for the safe zone. If it ends up not being on your side, you need to move early and move fast to make it in in time.

2. Stone Ridge

The Stone Ridge is located in the far South of the map, next to the Command Post. The loot level in this location is medium but it is a much safer location than the Command Post. You should still be able to get your sell a decent set of gears and weapons though.

Stone Ridge Free Fire
Stone Ridge is a location far from the center of the map.

No one will push this location. Meanwhile, you can make a push to the Command Post from this place while moving toward the safe zone.

3. Refinery

The Refinery is the hottest Free Fire weapons location on the whole map because it is located at the center of Kalahari with a high amount of loot. You will always be able to get the best loot here but you will have to fight for it.

Refinery Is Also Crowded
The Refinery is right in the middle of the map, making it a hot drop.

Special Free Fire Loot Locations

1. Blue Zone

At the start of each match, you can always see a Blue Zone on the map. This zone appears at a random location at the start of each and stays there for the rest of the match. This is the only place where you can find Level 4 Helmets. The Level 4 Helmet can prevent you from a lethal shot in the head and leave you at 1 HP.

 Free Fire Level 4 Helmet
You can only find Level 4 Helmet in the Blue Zone.

2. War chest

In a recent update, Free Fire features Warchests that spawn randomly in open areas around maps. You can find strong weapons and equipment in these chests.

Free Fire War Chest Ob 26
You can find various Free Fire weapons in the War chest.

3. Vending machine

The Vending machine was introduced in Free Fire as an alternative option to get items in the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire. You have to collect Gold tokens on the map and use them to exchange for items, weapons,... from this machine.

Free Fire Vending Machine
You can exchange tokens for weapons in the Vending Machine.

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