In a battle royale game like Free Fire, anything can happen. You cannot control what the other 49 players would do and you will end up in a bad position every now and then.

During those times, the best option you have is to escape and live to fight another day. Running away from the enemy is not an easy task as they would chase you to get the kill. If you want to survive, you need to know how to the way to get out of those bad situations. In this article, we will show you the 3 best Free Fire tips to escape from the chase of enemies.

1 . Spam Gloo Walls

The Gloo Wall is the most effective tool in your arsenal to get away from a bad situation. With multiple Gloo Walls, you can even block the enemy's path or lock them up with smart Gloo Wall placements.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
If you know how to use Gloo Wall smartly, you will be able to survive longer.

Learning how to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire is one of the most important skills in Free Fire. You can practice using Gloo Walls in the Training Mode or in Clash Squad.

2. Run zig zags

Moving zig zags in an unpredictable pattern will make it much harder for the enemy to hit you, especially if they are sniping from far away. Make use of small obstacles such as trees or rocks on your way to run away further.

Running Free Fire
Run Zig Zags to the nearest obstacle to escape before fighting back!

You also need to put your weapon aside to increase your movement speed. It is even better if you have characters that increase your movement speed such as Kelly, or Alok,...

3. Character skills

There are certain characters in Free Fire who will save you from certain death. Chrono is an excellent example. He can create a shield that blocks 600 damage, bound back grenades, and increase your movement speed. However, his skill has a high cooldown so you need to think before you use it.

Shirou And Chrono Combination
Use Chrono's shield will give you a lot of time to escape.

Alok is also a great character that can help you escape the enemy. His ability heals you 10hp/s and increases your movement speed by 15% for 5 seconds.

Characters such as K or A124 can heal you by a lot and give you more time to escape.

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