Free Fire has a ranking system and ranked game mode for players with the same skill to match with each other. Players get ranked points based on their performance, kills in a match. At the end of a ranked season, players will get rewards based on their rank tier and their rank will be reset.

Season 22 Ranked Free Fire
The exclusive of Season 22 Battle Royale Ranked Free Fire is the Maxim SCAR skin.

Free Fire Battle Royale Ranked Season 22 Dates

The Free Fire Battle Royale Ranked Season 22 has just started on July 2nd and it will end on August 27. The rank of players has been reset in the following way:

  • Heroic Rank to Gold II
  • Diamond (I to IV) to Gold I
  • Platinum (I to IV) to Silver II
  • Gold (I to IV) to Silver I
  • Silver (I to III) to Bronze II
  • Bronze (I to III) to Bronze I
Heroic Ranked Season
The rank of all players will be reset at the start of each season.

Exclusive rewards

The exclusive reward of Free Fire Battle Royale Ranked Season 22 is the SCAR Maxim skin. This skin provides an Accuracy buff while reducing the Movement Speed of the weapon. Players will be able to get this skin when they reach Gold rank. You will get more exclusive rewards when you reach Heroic and Grand Master.

Free Fire Battle Royale Season 22
You will get rewards once you reach a new rank tier in Free Fire

Other than this skin, there are many other rewards players will get once they reach a new rank tier including, Gold, Rank Tokens, Gold Royale Vouchers,... The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

Players can also exchange Rank Token in the in-game store to claim different rewards, skins.

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