Garena Free Fire needs no introduction in the mobile gaming world. First released in 2017, the Battle Royale title quickly took everyone by storm to become one of the most lucrative games ever. It's obvious that Free Fire is making a lot of money, there's no doubt about it. But what are the exact numbers? Let's see how much Garena Free Fire earns in a year.

Revenue of Garena Free Fire 2021

There is no exact figure as of late that refers to how much does Garena Free Fire earn. However, we were able to pick up a little information on the game's financial reports in the first quarter as well as the first half of 2021. Let's check them out.

How Much Garena Free Fire Earns A Day?

According to Sensor Tower, the latest revenue of Garena Free Fire in May 2021 is $59 million worldwide. That means in May alone, the game manages to bag $59 million. May has 31 days. So, on average, Free Fire makes approximately $1.9 million a day. Now that's a lot of money.

Battle Royale Grossing
Free Fire still ranks the second highest-grossing mobile BR games in Q1 2021. (Image by Sensor Tower)

How Much Garena Free Fire Earns in The First Quarter of 2021

In Q1 2021, Garena Free Fire hits $100 million in revenue (US market alone). Garena Free Fire overtook Tencent's PUBG Mobile as the top-grossing mobile Battle Royale game in the US. Its grossing grew four-time as much as the previous month.

As Sensor Tower shows in its latest data report (June 2021), Garena Free Fire ranks 8th in the top 10 highest-grossing games. However, we cannot wrap our fingers around how much Garena Free Fire earns from India.

Free Fire Revenue Us May 2021
Free Fire tops PUBG Mobile's grossing in the US in Q1 2021. (Image by Sensor Tower)

But we're pretty certain that Free Fire's revenue in India cannot surpass that in the US. It's true that India has the biggest Free Fire community in the world. However, the American community is more lucrative, meaning the players there spend more money in the game. On top of that, the price for Diamonds in the US is way more expensive.

The ongoing pandemic has a visible impact on users' spending patterns. People are spending more money online than they ever did. In H1 2021, global consumer spending in mobile games reached $44.7 billion, up 17.9 percent year-on-year. Last year, consumer spending in mobile games also climbed 25.5 percent to $37.9 billion from about $30.2 billion in 1H19.

So there's definitely room for Free Fire to grow.

Top Grossing Games H1 2021
Check out the top-grossing mobile games worldwide in H1 2021. (Image by Sensor Tower)

Sources of Garena Free Fire Revenue

Making mobile applications is the current trend in the technology kingdom. It's an overwhelmingly lucrative business that everyone wants to take a bite off of. Want an example? Take a look at the popular apps like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, TikTok, or Instagram. They all make a fortune every single day.

Free Fire Demon Slayer Rengoku
Making mobile applications is a very lucrative business!

It's no surprise that Garena Free Fire ranks among the current highest-earning mobile games. The title attracts millions of players worldwide. It finishes the first half of 2021 with more than 100 million installs to secure 2nd place on the top 10 most downloaded games (by Sensor Tower).

Garena Free Fire 2
Read on to find out how much money Free Fire is making.

But the big question is: how does Garena Free Fire monetize the app? Here are a few possible answers!


This is the main income-earner of the game. With such a strong player base, Garena can easily turn in profits from Free Fire's micro-transaction system. It includes everything Diamond-related. Diamonds are the premium currency in Free Fire that you have to purchase with real money. The more Diamonds you spend, the more Garena earns from the game.

Things like the Luck Royale spin, Elite Passes, costume bundles, characters, pets,... all generate income for Free Fire. The more Diamonds you spend, the more the game earns. It's just that simple. And with a series of continuous events coming out every month, it's hard to imagine Free Fire not being rich.


We don't know if you notice it or not but Garena Free Fire has a thriving eSports scene. The Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore peaked at 5.4 million concurrent viewers. That impressive number alone attracts enough sponsors who want to put their image in the tournament for a fee.

Ffws 2021
Free Fire sure has its fair share of global eSports events.

Social Media Presence

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the main social media platforms that Free Fire focuses on. And as you would expect, for a game with such a strong presence online, it's kind of easy to make money. If Garena Free Fire enables monetization on YouTube alone, it has already been making a ton of money.

Garena Free Fire Oni
The game boasts an insanely strong social presence.

Not stopping there, Garena Free Fire actually has multiple YouTube channels, one for each region. Now you have an idea of where the money comes from.

That's everything you need to know about how much Garena Free Fire earns. The game is more popular than ever now and we're certain that it will reap more success in the near future. If you want to get the latest update on Garena Free Fire's revenue, be sure to check out our website at

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