Free Fire is known for bringing new events to its players frequently. In many of these players can earn free valuable rewards or get them for a cheap price.

A new Faded Wheel has just arrived in Free Fire. This Faded Wheel is a part of the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration and it is a chance for all players to get an AWM Furinkazan skin for free.

New Free Fire AWM Furinkazan Faded Wheel

The AWM Furinkazan Faded Wheel is now available in Free Fire and it will last for 7 more days. The Faded Wheel features a total of 10 prizes, including the Legendary AWM Furinkazan skin.

At the start, players can choose to remove 2 prizes from the pool to increase the chance of getting the prize they want.

Furinkazan Awm Faded Wheel Free Fire
You will get all the prizes in Furinkazan Awm Faded Wheel after 8 spins.

The first spin in the Faded Wheel will be free so there is no reason you should not try your luck here at least once. Also, the next 3 spins will have a 52% discount so it won't cost many Diamonds.

Obtained prized will be removed from the pool. The Diamonds cost after each spin will increase. You will guarantee to get AWM Furinkazan skin after 8 spins.

AWM Furinkazan skin stats

  • Damage ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Magazine -

AWM Furinkazan skin offers a huge damage buff along with a slight Reload Speed buff. The skin also reduces the Magainze size of the weapon. This is actually quite significant as the AWM only has 5 rounds per magazine. Overall, it is still a decent AWM skin, and its atheistic is quite unique.

Awm Furinkazan Skin
The AWM Furinkazan skin is a decent skin with a unique look.

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