The Free Fire × Street Fighter event series has officially started. The main event through this collaboration will be the Free Fighter event. You will get to defeat the famous fighter, Ryu from the Street Fighter series, and earn free rewards, including the Street Fighter Surfboard & Ryu Shirt.

How To Play Free Fighter Event

The Free Fighter event lasts for the whole duration of the collaboration from July 2 to July 19.

In this event, you will use your Controller tokens to launch attacks at the opponent and try to defeat them to get rewards. There are a total of 7 enemies and 4 difficulties. The difficulty will depend on the result of the previous round.

Free Fire Free Fighter Event
Defeat different opponents in the event and get free rewards!

You can collect White Arcade Controller and Red Arcade Controller tokens by doing daily missions in the event.

  • Game Login - x1 White Arcade Controller
  • Complete a game in any mode - x1 White Arcade Controller
  • Inflict 300 damage points in any mode - x1 White Arcade Controller
  • Defeat an enemy in any mode - x1 Red Arcade Controller
  • x2 White Arcade Controller After Match Drop

You can use your tokens to perform 3 different moves on the opponent.

  • x1 White Arcade Controller: 10 Damage
  • x2 White Arcade Controller: 20-30 Damage
  • x1 Red Arcade Controller: 50-80 Damage

The opponent will make a counterattack when you launch an attack so it is best to save up your tokens and go for a big attack.

You will get the Street Fighter Surfboard skin after you defeated 7 opponents. Defeat an opponent with an Lv 4 difficulty to get the Ryu Shirt to get various rewards.

Street Fighter Surlfboard Skin
Free Fire Street Fighter Surfboard skin
Ryu Shirt Free Fire
Ryu Shirt Free Fire

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