In June 2021, the announcement of the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration stirred up the entire Free Fire gamer community. All players were extremely thrilled to know what the devs would bring forth in the game. Now that the events started a few days ago, various themed items such as costumes, skins, and more were finally introduced.

Fighter Mission is one of the upcoming events and it offers players a chance to get the exclusive Ryu Backpack skin. Its details have been unveiled by the developers today in the list of Free Fire x Street Fighter free rewards.

Ryu Backpack Skin
Take a look at how to get Ryu Backpack skin in Free Fire!

The Fighter Mission will take place from July 10th. During this period, gamers will need to complete a specific requirement to be able to get this exclusive skin. Check out how to get Ryu Backpack skin for free below.

How to get Ryu Backpack skin in Free Fire for free

Have a look at the steps players can take on to claim the day the event turns available:

1. Open the Free Fire app and select the “Calendar” button as shown in the image.

Free Fire Ryu Backpack Skin
Hit the Calendar button

2. Now, scroll through “Free Fighter” section and chose the option of “Fighter Mission”.

3. Players will see a “Claim” button next to the reward. After clicking on it, they will be able to redeem the backpack skin.

Ryu Backpack Skin 2
Better be prepared before the event starts.

You can claim it from the in-game “Collection” section.

Upcoming events of Free Fire x Street Fighter

The event is yet to begin, and players will be eligible to obtain the backpack skin once it starts in Free Fire. As the Fighter Mission event has yet begun, gamers will be allowed to get this backpack skin once it is available in the game.

Meanwhile, take note of the forthcoming events of the Free Fire x Street Fighter in order not to miss the free privileges:

  • Free Fighter: July 2nd - July 18th
  • Aftermatch Drop: July 2nd - July 18th (White Arcade Controller)
  • Free Fighter Login: July 4th - July 15th
  • Shiba Challenge: July 3rd - July 9th
Free Fire Street Fighter
The Free Fire x Street Fighter collab is viral on a global scale.
  • Aftermatch Drop: July 10th - July 18th (Red Arcade Controller)
  • Shiba Fighter: July 10th - July 18th
  • Check In Rewards: July 10th
  • Fighter Missions: July 10th
  • Knockout Arcade: July 2nd - July 11th

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