Free Fire features a large collection of weapons for players to choose from. Among them, the M82B sniper rifle is one of the most unique weapons. It is the only weapon in Free Fire that can penetrate a Gloo Wall. Thanks to this special ability, the M82B has always been one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire.

M82b Free Fire
The M82B sniper rifle is a unique weapon in Free Fire that can shoot through Gloo Walls.

Reason Why Free Fire Removed The M82B Sniper Rifle

Recently, Free Fire has just removed the M82B completely from all modes, including the Training Mode.

According to their announcement in the game, there is currently a bug with the M82B sniper rifle. The bug allows players who use the M82B to scope and see through Gloo Wall. While the Gloo Wall penetration damage of the M82B is still the same, this is a serious bug.

“Dear Survivors, we are temporarily removing the M82B gun from the game to fix a bug that allows players to shoot through gloo walls using this gun. We are currently working towards fixing this issue as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for playing Free Fire!”

Free Fire Removed M82b
The M82B is currently having a bug so it will return to the game once the bug is fixed

Will M82B return to the game?

Because of the serious bug mentioned above, Garena decided to remove the M82B sniper rifle from the game while fixing the problem. This means as soon as the bug is fixed, the M82B will return to Free Fire.

While the M82B is removed, Garena added the new Kingfisher Assault Rifle into the game. This weapon will be available in both Clash Clash and Battle Royale mode.

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