The highly anticipated Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration has arrived. The collaboration features multiple events from July 2 until July 18 for players to join and earn free rewards.  In this article, we are going to highlight all the free rewards you can get from the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration and how to get them.

1. Ryu Avatar, Street Fighter Skyboard skin, and Ryu T-Shirt skin

You can get a Street Fighter Skyboard and Ryu T-Shirt at the Free Fighter event. The event lasts for the whole duration of the collaboration from July 2 to July 18. In the event, you can use  Controller tokens to launch attacks at the opponent and defeat them. There is a total of 7 opponents with 4 different difficulty levels.

Free Fire Free Fighter Event
Defeat opponents in the event to get free rewards in the Free Fighter event.

When you defeat all 7 opponents, you will get the Street Fighter Surfboard skin. Defeat an opponent with an Lv 4 difficulty to get a reward box with the Ryu Shirt.

You can get Controller tokens by doing daily event missions and completing Battle Royale matches.

Log in to Free Fire on July 10 to get Ryu Avatar for free.

2. Street Fighter Parachute skin and Street Fighter banner

You can get a Street Fighter Parachute and a Street Fighter banner from the Knockout Arcade from July 2 to July 11.

Kncokout Arcade Free Fire
Do daily mission to get Gold coin and Start the Arcade

In this event, you need to collect Gold coins by completing daily missions. You can get 4 Gold coins maximum a day.

Street Fighter Parachute
Free Fire Street Fighter Parachute skin

Use these Gold coins to start the Arcade and get Glove Token. You can get the Street Fighter banner once you have 10 tokens and the Street Fighter Parachute once you have 20 tokens.

3. Street Fighter Pan skin

From July 4 to July 15, log in to Free Fire for 7 days to get the Street Fighter Pan. You can also get a Gold Royale Voucher, 1 Bounty Token Play Card, and 2 Pet skins.

Street Fighter Pan Skin
Free Fire Street Fighter Pan Skin

4. Street Fighter Shiba skin

You can get the Street Fighter Shiba skin from the Shiba Fighter event.

From July 10 to July 18, kill enemies and loot their boxes to get Purple Arcade Controller tokens. You can exchange for the Street Fighter Shiba skin using 25 Purple Arcade Controller tokens. Note that you need to own Shiba pet in order to use this skin.

Free Fire X Street Fighter Shiba Pet
Free Fire X Street Fighter Shiba Pet skin

You can also get a County Token for 3 Purple Arcade Controller tokens and 1 Weapon Royale Voucher for 10 Purple Arcade Controller tokens.

5. Ryu Backpack skin

Only on July 10, complete missions in the fighter Mission event to get the Ryu Backpack skin in the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration.

Free Fire Ryu Backpack
Free Fire Ryu Backpack skin

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