Cheating has always been a major issue in Garena Free Fire. The more popular the game gets, the more cheaters and hackers appear to ruin others' gaming experience for their own sakes. The game developers now adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards cheaters. In the last two weeks alone, they have banned 1,255,499 Free Fire accounts for cheating.

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More than 1.2 million Free Fire accounts bite the dust!

As Garena defines, cheating is when players abuse third-party programs or in-game bugs to gain unfair advantages. These include wallhack, teleportation, auto-aim, gold hack, and a rainbow of things in between. Luckily, Garena has developed a new anti-cheat system to detect and punish any violators.

Let's take a look at the latest ban report for Garena Free Fire.

Garena Bans Dishonest Free Fire Accounts

In the latest bi-weekly report, Garena has suspended more than 1.2 million accounts for cheating. The figure rises about 15% above that of the previous report. 59% of the hackers were banned after the game officials investigate players' hack reports. Additionally, the game also banned 11,115 accounts for willingly teaming up with the hackers.

Banned Accounts Report June
Garena Free Fire permanently suspended 1,255,499 accounts for cheating.

It appears hackers and cheaters learned nothing after Operation Cutcord.

Garena Free Fire Ban Report Breakdown

In 1,255,499 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating, the contributing reasons are:

  • Auto Aim (69%)
  • Teleport (14.9%)
  • Through the Wall (14.3%)
  • Others (Miscellaneous Cheats) (1.8%)
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Garena is still hard at work finding cheaters and hackers.

Auto-aim continues to be the most common type of cheating in the game. It allows players to seamlessly hit others without even aiming. So, if you ever see anyone pulls an impossible shot, they may be hacking. Teleport and "Through the wall" hacks share pretty much the same percentages of hackers.

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Play the game honestly!

Though Garena has already upgraded the anti-cheat system for Free Fire, it doesn't seem like cheating will stop any time soon. However, remember that the punishment is harsh and irreversible. You will lose your account permanently for hacking or cheating.

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