After the patch on April 8, Free Fire anti-hack detection system detected a huge surge of cheaters and their anti-hack team banned over 700,000 hackers.

With such a huge amount of cheaters, the dev decided to start Operation Cutcord to protect the game from cheaters. They gathered everything they had to find out about the latest hacks and scripts that were available in Free Fire to develop a brand new enhanced anti-cheat system.

Free Fire Anti Hack

The newly enhanced anti-cheat system was a great success and they took out over 3.8 million cheaters with it. But they are not stopping yet. The dev is now looking into scripts and improving the game client of Free Fire to stop cheaters from keeping making new accounts.

Free Fire Hack
Free Fire will not tolerate any cheating behavior

As a free-to-play as well as one of the most popular mobile battle royale games in the world, the battle with cheaters in Free Fire is still far from over yet. Soon, there will be new types of hacks come out to overcome the anti-cheat system. But as long as Free Fire keeps improving their anti-cheat system and adapt to new hacks, players can be assured to have great playing experience in Free Fire.

The Free Fire community also plays a very important role in this war against cheaters. So if you find out that someone is cheating, make sure to report them as soon as possible to keep the playing environment clean for everyone.

Free Fire Cheater Report
Report cheaters to Free Fire if you spot any

The improvement of the anti-cheat system will not only help casual players but the pro scene of Free Fire as well. A total of 8 Free Fire pro-players have been banned from the Free Fire Scrims Wars so far for cheating thanks to the new system. They all have been banned from the Free Fire pro scene for a year.

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