Garena Free Fire usually features intense battles among gamers to survive and obtain the Booyah! In battle royale combats. However, different from other BR games, Free Fire brings forward lots of in-game characters with special abilities. These skills help players a lot in their game and that’s why opting for a suitable character plays an essential part in enhancing your gameplay.

Wukong, DJ Alok, and Elite Andrew are touted as three of the best Free Fire characters with excellent abilities. Our article will discuss which one of them is the best character for rank pushing in Free Fire.

Wukong Andrew Dj Alok
Who's the best character for rank pushing in Free Fire among these three?

Details of Wukong, Elite Andrew and DJ Alok

1. Wukong

  • Skill: Camouflage
  • Ability type: Active
Garena Free Fire Wukong
Garena Free Fire Wukong

Camouflage, which is Wukong’s active skill, can transform you into a bush for 10 seconds at the default level. Meanwhile, the CD is 300 seconds. When you attack a foe, the conversion will stop. When you kill an opponent, the CD would reset.

His cooldown time will decrease to 200 seconds at the highest level, and the transformation period boosts to 15 seconds.

Since Wukong's recent buff in OB27, this character has become a formidable rival for others in the game.

2. Elite Andrew

  • Skill: Wolf Pack
  • Ability type: Passive
Elite Andrew
Elite Andrew

Elite Andrew has the ability and awakened passive ability of the authentic Andrew character. Respectively, they are Armor Specialist and Wolf Pack.

It reduces the armor damage by 8% and a bonus of 15 percent damage reduction is added if the teammates also possess Elite Andrew’s skill. At the cap level, this ability also lessens armor damage by 14 percent.

3. DJ Alok

  • Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Ability type: Active
Dj Alok
DJ Alok

Drop the Beat, DJ Alok’s popular skill, can produce a 5m aura that enhances teammates’ movement speed by 10 percent and regains 5 HP each sec for 5 seconds.

By utilizing universal fragments, you can totally push Alok’s skill to the maximum level where he will boost teammates' movement speed by 15% as well as restores 5 HP each second for 10 seconds. It is fathomable that his name always tops when it comes to the best character in the battle royale game.

Who is the best character for rank pushing in Free Fire?

All in all, DJ Alok makes the best option among the three characters for Free Fire rank pushing. The versatile skill he owns lets you continuously heal yourself in the midst of a battle while the movement speed is increased.

Meanwhile, Elite Andrew and Wukong are both decent choices for aggressive players. But the latter actually is more ideal for intense close-range combats.

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