The character system is one of the most important parts of Free Fire, with players getting to customize their own skillsets. The newest character released in the game is D-Bee, who has a passive ability that improves players' accuracy and movement speed on firing weapons.

In this article, we are going to showcase how you can get D-Bee for free.

How to redeem D-Bee from the top-up event

Garena has been pretty generous with new characters as of late, with most of them released through top-up events. By purchasing a small number of diamonds, players can unlock the new character for free, while still having that much diamond left to spend on anything else.

Streetbeat top up
Streetbeat top up in Free Fire

The Streetbeat top-up event started yesterday and will last until July 13th. During this period, players can redeem both D-Bee for free and his exclusive bundle via topping up. The exact specifics are:

  • Top-up 100 diamonds: D-bee character (INR 80 - 100 diamonds)
  • Top-up 500 diamonds: D-bee’s Streetbeat Bundle (INR 400 - 520 diamonds)

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About D-Bee & his bundle

D-Bee is a street artist who has an extrovert personality and enjoys meeting new poeple. He believes that the meaning of life is creating, and that's the reason why he became a creator. He is also an expert in dancing and music.

New D-Bee character
New D-Bee character in Free Fire

At level 6, D-Bee's ability increases movement speed increases by 15% and accuracy by 35% if you fire while moving. Overall, it is the perfect ability for rusher builds. Furthermore, it is a passive ability - you can combine it with pretty much all active skills in the game.

Free Fire D Bee Character
Free Fire D Bee Character without skins

D-Bee's Streetbeat bundle is his iconic look in the posters of the game. It is just the usual hip-hop getup, without any special effects or the like.

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