Free Fire has multiple rank tiers and users grind combats in order to move up these tiers. However, it is not easy to get to the top position and we all must use the suitable character to flaunt the best edges on the battlegrounds.

After the latest addition of D-Bee, we now have 40 Free Fire characters in total. Each of them embraces a unique ability that players can take advantage of during combat. Today, we will make a comparison between DJ Alok vs D-Bee and see who is better for Free Fire Ranked mode matches.

Dj Alok And D Bee
Between these two, who is better for Free Fire Ranked mode?

D-Bee abilities

  • Skill: Bullet Beats
  • Ability type: Passive

According to the description of Free Fire, D-Bee is a street dancer and loves being part of music events. He owns a passive ability called Bullet Beats, which ranks top among passive skills for rushers in the game.

Free Fire D Bee Character
The new addition is attracting a lot of attention for his potentials.

At its default level, this skill will enhance players’ movement speed by 5%. Meanwhile, the accuracy will also increase by 10% when gamers fire while moving.

At the cap level of D-Bee, the movement speed hikes up by 15 percent, and accuracy rises by 35 percent.

DJ Alok abilities

  • Skill: Drop the Beat
  • Ability type: Active

DJ Alok’s active ability in Free Fire is named Drop the Beat. At the most basic level, it creates a 5-meter aura which can improve ally movement speed by 10 percent, and heals 5 HP/s for 5 secs.

At the highest level of DJ Alok, which is level 6, the skill will boost ally movement speed by 15 percent. Also, it regenerates 5 HP/s for ten secs. Since OB27, DJ Alok is always in the top-hunted characters for rank pushing in Free Fire.

Free Fire Character Dj Alok
Meanwhile, there's no need to say much about DJ Alok's popularity.

DJ Alok vs D-Bee: Who is better?

Between DJ Alok and D-Bee, who is the better choice for Ranked mode matches in Free Fire?

The latter is ideal for Ranked and Clash Squad modes as he enhances accuracy when firing and moving. His ability helps a lot during short fights. However, his skill still falls short to that of DJ Alok.

DJ Alok heals gamers while also boosts their movement speed. That is why his versatile skill is suitable for both aggressive and passive players in Free Fire’s Ranked mode battles.

All in all, DJ Alok is the better option compared to the new character D-Bee.

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