Purgatory map is one of the two oldest and most iconic maps in Free Fire. Here are the five best places to land and loot safely on this map.

#1. Crossroads

This remote location is often an underrated place because of its moderate supplies. Therefore, it's a safe place to loot in solo and duo game modes. If you play in squad mode, each member will get fewer supplies. This abandoned station is in the Northwest of the island. Crossroads location is large and spacious. Therefore, you will have a large view so that you can easily spot enemies around.

Crossroads is a safe place to loot in solo and duo game modes

#2. Mt. Villa

In the Southwest of this island, you can find an abandoned villa near the sea. Mt. Villa is often deserted and underrated due to its low load of loots. There are some large houses and buildings but it does not have enough supplies for a full squad. Therefore, you can land here to have a safe beginning.

Mt Villa
Mt. Villa is often a deserted and underrated place.

#3. Quarry

The Quarry is near Mt. Villa. It's also located in the Southwest of the Purgatory map. Therefore, you can split your team to Quarry and Mt. Villa to loot these two places and play safely at the early stage of the match. Moreover, you can support each other if you encounter enemies and have enough supplies for all team members.

The Quarry is in the Southwest of the Purgatory map.

#4. Fire Brigade

This location has mediocre loots in a two-story fire brigade. This fire brigade has many rooms with windows for you to look around and spot enemies if you know there are opponents around. Moreover, Fire Brigade is also a good place for campers. Therefore, you should land here first or be careful when arriving here from another location.

#5. Moathouse

Moathouse is near Crossroads. It's also a safe location to land and loot in Free Fire Purgatory. Therefore, you can also split your team to loot Moathouse and Crossroads at the beginning of the match. Moathouse has three high buildings and many trees around to hide if you need a cover in early combat.

Moathouse has three high buildings and many trees.