Usually, Garena would reveal at least one character out of the two new characters added in the Advance Server. However, the OB30 Advance Server is an exception to this rule, with both characters being "mysterious", revealing neither character name nor appearance. This is probably an attempt to cover up yet another big collab - Free Fire OB30 might include a character based on the American Basketball Star LeBron.

In this article, we are going to showcase everything about Free Fire OB30 new character Leon.

Free Fire Leon Character
Free Fire Leon Character Ob30 Update

1. Leon Appearance & Background


Other than his ability and profession, not much is revealed. Free Fire OB30 new character Leon is going to be a young basketball star, with a special ability named Buzzer Beater. It regenerates HP to users as soon as they disengage from combat after getting hit.

The name of Leon's ability somewhat hints at the character's background. In basketball and other such timed sports, a buzzer beater is a shot that is taken before the game clock of a quarter, a half, or an overtime period expires. The taken shot does not go in the basket until after the clock expires and the buzzer sounds, which leads to the name "buzzer beater".

Lebron Free Fire
New Leon Character in Free Fire might be a collab with LeBron, a famous athlete.


Overall, Leon is a black man with afro-style hair and a pair of glasses on his head. He wears an orange and blue basketball uniform with a white jacket. His uniform is an off-color version of Lebron's yellow and purple uniform while playing on the Lakers team.

Garena has been expanding Free Fire operations in the American continent as of late, so a collab with an actual big celebrity who's popular in North America is not out of the question. Furthermore, they are no strangers to big collabs, with the Chrono event starring Christiano Ronaldo nine months ago. These two stars are about the same tier of athlete celebrities, with CR7 being more popular globally.

Lebron James
The uniform looks like an off-color version of LeBron's actual uniform.

2. How strong is Leon?

Buzzer Beater is a passive that triggers after you get damaged by another player. It automatically recovers a certain amount of hit points 3 seconds after combat. Fall damage won't trigger this ability - only damage from other players can.

  • Level-1: Recovers 5 HP
  • Level-2: Recovers 10 HP
  • Level-3: Recovers 15 HP
  • Level-4: Recovers 20 HP
  • Level-5: Restores 25 HP
  • Level-6: Restores 30 HP

Overall, Buzzer Beater is a pretty balanced skill, as it just recovers HP after combat and does not prevent enemies from killing you outright. However, Garena should definitely add a cooldown to it, as the ability to heal infinitely without cost might be too strong. Both new characters in OB30 are strong, but Leon might be slightly more powerful.

Buzzer Beater
Buzzer Beater of Free Fire OB30 new character Leon

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