Characters and their skills are what makes Free Fire stand out from other games of the same genre. Garena usually releases new characters every month, and in OB30, two new characters with passive abilities have been added. In this article, we are going to showcase the skill of the two mystery characters in Free Fire Advance Server OB30 and analyze if they are worth buying or not.

As the two characters do not have names yet, we are just going to refer to them via their skills.

1 - Memory Mist

Memory Mist is a passive ability that triggers after a kill. It reveals the location of all enemies at a specific distance around the target's location. The duration of the reveal is fairly short so you need to pay close attention to the minimap. This info is also available to teammates as well.

The area of effect of this skill increases as you level it up. It starts at 25 meters and increases to 50 at level 6.

Mystery character 1
Memory Mist

When to use Memory Mist?

This skill works best in squad mode, in which enemies teams tend to cluster together in a relatively small area. With the info about the other foes, you can either continue to engage or flank them. However, outside of squad mode, the usage for this skill is rather limited, as 50 meters is a fairly small zone.

Enemies get revealed on the minimap.

What to combo with Memory Mist?

Overall, this skill can work with both ranged and melee build and is fairly versatile. It is best to pick Memory Mist alongside an Assaulter/Rusher combo, as these kinds of players tend to go first to get kills and trigger this ability. Chrono or Alok's active skills are the best choices if you plan on using this.

2 - Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater is a passive that triggers after you get damaged by another player. It automatically recovers a certain amount of hit points 3 seconds after combat. The amount of HP heal increases based on level. From a measly 5HP at level 1, Buzzer Beater becomes a 30HP heal at level 6.

Overall, this ability is pretty balanced, as it just recovers HP after combat and does not prevent you from getting killed from 100 -> 0. However, Garena should definitely add a cooldown to it.

Mystery Character 2
Buzzer Beater

When to use Buzzer Beater

Overall, Buzzer Beater is even more versatile than Memory Mist. It just gives players extra HP as long as they don't get instantly killed. Therefore, any player could pick this skill in any mode. It would probably shine in Clash Squad, where healing is limited.

What to combo with Buzzer Beater?

Buzzer Beater works on both sniper and rusher builds, however, it is better for long range players, as they tend to not get killed instantly. Rushers, on the other hand, are often downed from 100 to 0 very fast. Because of this, skills that keep you alive for the heal to kick in is best: try A124 or Xayne's heal.

Buzzer Beater
Mystery character 2 with Buzzer Beater is the stronger between the two mystery characters in Free Fire OB30

This is the end of our guide for the two mystery characters in Free Fire OB30. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about Free Fire Pro Series India 2021: Teams, Schedule, Format.