There's no right or wrong way of playing Free Fire. Some people prefer it safe, while others seek the adrenaline rush when fighting non-stop. It's just a matter of preference. However, we cannot negate the fact that pinning an enemy down and dominating the map does sound like fun.

Free Fire 1
Dominate your opponents with the following tips.

So, if you're not that good at playing aggressively, yet, this article is for you. Here are 5 useful tips to help you play Free Fire like a pro rusher!

#5. Soften The Enemies From Afar

To play aggressively yet effectively in Free Fire, start the fight first with an advantage. You can engage first from afar using snipers, then close in to deliver the final blow. If you successfully hit the sniper shot, your enemies will be low in HP. They have to fall back to heal, giving you the perfect window to rush.

When the opponents waste medkits, EP, armor, you'll have the edge in combat.

Free Fire 2
Start the game from afar.

#4. Go For Headshots

Landing a headshot in Free Fire can change everything, whether you're playing aggressively or not. It does so much more damage to the enemies, giving you a major advantage. Apart from sending your opponents to the ground faster, this will also optimize the amount of ammunition you need.

Practice getting more headshots.

#3. Plan Before You Play Aggressively

Playing aggressively doesn't mean blindly rushing into the enemy's defense. You always need a plan. That's what separates aggressive professional players from the rest: they always have a well-thought-out plan, even in the most hectic scenario.

You should consider the rush, whether it is worth taking the risk, and what you will get out of it. When the odds don't lean towards your benefits, then step away.

Free Fire 3
Always have a plan.

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#2. React Fast

When you're rushing, there's no time for hesitation. You need to make a good call, and you need to make it quickly. The enemy may get into a better position or rotate and run away if you take too long.

Free Fire Teammates
React to the situation quickly and make the call.

#1. Rush With Full Force

Being economical in combat isn't synonymous with not using all the resources you have to take out the enemies. You have to be both economical and effective. When the situation calls, react with a full engagement to overwhelm the enemies. Set your target straight and do not stop until you achieve it. That's how you play aggressively.

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