Free Fire OB30 Advance Server has just gone live, causing a lot of buzz amongst players. People are eager to try out the new features, especially the new characters and guns. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server.

Not all features in the Advance Server would be added to the OB30 patch, so don't be surprised if your favorite does not make the cut.

OB30 Advance Server
Free Fire latest advance server is finally here.

In case you don't know, Free Fire OB30 Advance Server registration phase is already over, so you can't join it anymore.

1 - Free Fire OB30 Advance Server new characters

Usually, Garena adds 1 or 2 characters in each Advance Server test, and OB30 is not an exception to this rule. The OB30 Advance Server features 2 new mystery characters. Given that they have not revealed the name for both, it is likely that at least one of them would be part of a collaboration.

Mystery character 1

  • Ability: Memory Mist (Passive)

This ability is pretty much a passive version of Clu's skill. With this equipped, once players kill an enemy, this skill will reveal the position of all nearby enemies in the radius.

The AoE of Memory Mist increases with levels. At level 1, enemies within 25 meters of the elimination spot will be revealed. This gradually increases to 50m at level 6. Furthermore, the information from this ability will also be shared with teammates of the user. The duration of the effect is very brief - you need to take note of the minimap to actually see it happen.

Mystery character 1
Memory Mist

Overall, this skill is designed specifically for squad mode, with esports in mind. Usually, team members would stay close to each other - this skill counters that and reveals the location of the rest of the team. It is highly likely that Memory Mist and its character will be popular in higher ranks, where information is crucial.

Mystery Character 2

  • Ability: Buzzer Beater (Passive)

Buzzer Beater is a passive ability that recovers health points after surviving combat. This means after you take any damage from enemy sources, you would regain some HP after a period of time passes. At level 1, users will recover 5 HP. This increases to 30 at level 6. They did not mention the duration you need to "not take damage" for the skill's heal to trigger, but after testing, we have found out that it is about 3 seconds.

Mystery Character 2
Buzzer Beater

Overall, Buzzer Beater is pretty balanced. While it is amazing outside of combat and can save you a lot of medkits, it is useless in a fight. 30 HP is just the right amount - not too much, not too little. However, the level 1 version of the skill with just 5HP heal is pretty much useless.

Free Fire OB30 advance server download is up right now on Free Fire official page, however, you need a code to do it.

2 - New 'Treatment' weapons

Treatment Shotgun

This is the Shotgun version of the Treatment gun, which is a futuristic weapon in Free Fire that restores HP to teammates when shot. However, unlike the Treatment gun, this shotgun has an "overheating" feature that prevents it from being shot.

Treatment Shotgun
Treatment Shotgun in Free Fire

Treatment Sniper

Similar to the Treatment Shotgun, this is the Sniper version of the Treatment gun, with the same healing ability.

Treatment Sniper
Treatment Sniper in Free Fire

How good are these weapons?

Overall, the Treatment gun is balanced around the fact that it deals too little damage. Having these high damage healing weapons around might remove the need of having to use a medkit in squad matches. Their exact stats haven't been revealed yet, however.

3 - New Agent Hop pet

Garena is going through all the common real life pets to add them to Free Fire. The latest one in OB30 is 'Agent Hop', a rabbit wearing combat camo gear. Agent Hop's ability is called 'Bouncing Bonus'. With this pet equipped, players will gain a certain amount of EP every time the safe zone shrinks.

Agent Hop
Agent Hop Pet

Overall, this ability is super weak, as safe zone shrinking is few and far between. It is better for you to just bring one or two more medkits. The EP gain needs to be massive for this pet to actually be useful.

4 - New Pet mania game mode

Players will be able to play a brand new mode called 'Pet Mania' on the new Air Fair map. In this mode, players would turn into a pet and play various minigames. Overall, Pet Mania is pretty much Fall Guys.

Pet mania
Pet mania game mode

There are quite a few minigames included in this mode: from racing in an obstacle course to "musical chair", but with icebergs. You can check out the mode's gameplay in the video below.

5 - Chrono is getting nerfed... again

Looks like the ability to win any fight when needed is still strong, even if it is on a 170 seconds cooldown. This is why Garena has decided to hit Chrono with the Nerf bat once again after his last nerf in OB27 by reducing the duration by half a second at all levels. Furthermore, the skill's cooldown has also been increased by another 10 seconds, which makes it exactly 3 minutes at level 6.

6 - Minor changes

In Free Fire OB30 Advance Server, vending machines no longer have the purple glow and can only be dropped from an airdrop. This means the entire revive system is getting nerfed, as it would be much harder to find and access a vending machine now.

Armor attachments are added to the game. They increase various statistics of your armor like HP and durability.

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