Diamond is the single greatest currency in all of Free Fire. Players can use Diamonds to purchase a multitude of cosmetics from the shop, subscribe to the monthly Elite Pass, join exciting in-game events, and more. However, buying Diamonds will be costly without any discount.

Luckily, the latest "Less is More" top-up event in Free Fire offers you a great chance to purchase Diamonds for cheap. You can buy 520 Diamonds for just INR 160! So, how does this event work? How can you get the discount? Let's find out together.

Less Is More Feature
The new top-up event is here, offering you a steal for Diamonds.

Free Fire Less Is More Top Up Event

To put it simply, the Less is More event offers you Diamonds at a much better rate. During this event, players can purchase a bundle of 520 Diamonds with a discount of up to 60%. The event officially went live in Free Fire yesterday, 9 September 2021. It will be available until 14 September 2021. That means you only have 5 days left.

An important thing to note is that not all players receive the same discount during this event. The game will offer a discount based on the number of Diamonds you have left in your account. The fewer Diamonds you have, the higher the discount will be, capping at 60%. That's why it's called "Less is More".

Less Is More
Check out the amazing discount.

Here are the detailed discount rates with the exact Diamond requirements:

  • Players who have over 299 diamonds in their account: INR 400
  • Players who have between 150 and 299 diamonds in their account: INR 300
  • Players who have between 50 and 149 diamonds in their account: INR 250
  • Players who have between 0 and 49 diamonds in their account: INR 160

How To Buy Diamonds Through Less Is More Top Up Event

You can top-up Diamonds directly from the event's page. It's not as great of a discount as Games Kharido's promotion, but it's still better than the original price. Follow the steps below to buy a pack of 520 Diamonds with a discount:

  • Launch Garena Free Fire. Click the Diamond icon.
  • Choose the “Less is More” event.
  • Find the corresponding discount to your remaining number of Diamonds. Select it.
  • Click the Yellow button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Finish your payment and receive the Diamonds.
Free Fire
Don't miss your chance to acquire some Diamonds for cheap. It only lasts 5 more days.

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