Pet is a very important system in Free Fire MAX, which gives players a number of powerful skills to choose from. However, it is vital to pick a pet that suits your style, as their skills would be wasted otherwise. In this article, is going to showcase the top 5 pets in Free Fire MAX for passive playstyle.

1. Agent Hop

The Free Fire Agent Hop pet has a passive ability called Bouncing Bonus, which gives the player EP whenever the zone shrinks. The maximum amount of EP players can get from each time the skill triggers is 50.

Agent Hop Pet 1
The Agent Hop pet will give you extra EP when the safe zone shrinks.

Overall, Agent Hop is a very solid pet. On average, the safe zone will shrink about 4 to 5 times, which means you can get about 200 EP to 250 EP a match from this pet. It will be a great source of EP for K. Overall, Agent Hop alone can provide enough EP for almost the whole match.

2. Falco

Falco is one of the best pets in Free Fire BR mode, especially when you are playing as a squad. Its increased landing and gliding speed allows you and your team to do a hot drop. Getting to the weapon first might be the difference between life and death in these situations.

Falco in Free Fire

At max level, the boost is 45% gliding speed and 50% diving speed, which is very substantial.

3. Night Panther

The Night Panther is probably one of the coolest looking pets in the game. Its ability is fairly useful - you get an extra 45 inventory space at max level. However, this is not exactly a direct bonus as you still need to find the items to fill it up.

Night Panther
Night Panther is a mechanical panther

The extra inventory slots allow players to carry more utility items such as grenades, med kits and inhalers.

4. Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor's ability provides you with an unlimited supply of Gloo Grenades. If you have less than 2, it would give you one every 100s. Overall, Mr. Waggor is one of the most useful pets in the game, especially in the Battle Royale mode in which Gloo Walls are always needed.

Mr. Waggor
Mr. Waggor is a penguin.

A single Gloo Wall could provide you with a cover that might save your life, especially in the later phases of the match.

5. Spirit Fox

The best Japanese-themed pet in the game - it goes perfect if you are using a samurai or ninja set. The Spirit Fox's ability gives you 10 extra HP every time a medkit is activated. This is fairly substantial, however, there is a chance for overheal.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox has a sword strapped on its back.

With this pet equipped, players would be able to get a decent amount of free HP every match. Unlike the panda pet, Spirit Fox's activation condition is much easier.

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