The factory challenge is one of the most popular and entertaining challenges in Free Fire, as it turns the game into an extreme version of the usual Battle Royale. 50 players drop onto the roof of the factory then fight until only one remain.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best characters to use for factory challenge in Free Fire MAX 2022. You need all the advantages you can get.

1. Wukong

Wukong the Monkey King is actually a pretty decent character in the factory challenge. His active ability Camouflage lets you turn into a bush, which lets you evade upcoming enemy fire and blend with the environment for ambushes.

Free Fire Wukong B016

This is a great counter-rush and escape tool. By turning into a bush before an enemy rush, your character would be much harder to hit since the hit-box size is drastically reduced. With camouflage getting reset with every kill, using it carefully will allow players to maintain a low profile and avoid being spotted in combat.

2. A124

A124's ability gets changed completely from a vanilla healing skill into a unique ability that no other characters in Free Fire have. This is similar to the ability of an unreleased character named Snowelle, which is a passive that disable enemies' active skill.

Garena Free Fire A124
A124's ability no longer heal anymore.

Overall, A124's ability is the strongest skill in this patch. It has the potential to be a hot pick in games. In factory challenge, players can use it to disable the skill of multiple enemies and prevent them to heal or counterattack. The effect lasts for a whopping 30 seconds, in which the enemies would be helpless.

3. Kla

With players being super close together, melee weapons can be a great choice. In this case, Kla is probably the best character for the job. His ability would quintuple the damage of each punch... and moving around unarmed would be much faster than holding a weapon.


While Kla is a weak character in normal mode, he definitely shines in the Factory Challenge. Players need to practice their melee combat skill first, however, as the short attack range needs a bit of practice to get used to.

4. Antonio

Although Antonio is super bad in the normal battle royale mode, he comes into use in the Factory Challenge. Extra HP is always useful, and in this Factory Challenge, you would need all the HP you could get.


With Antonio's passive equipped, you would begin the round with 250 HP instead of just 200. This extra HP might be the difference between victory and defeat. Players should be able to take a few extra hits from opponents without having to worry about their HP.

5. Joseph

Joseph's passive would trigger every time you take damage, giving you 20% movement speed in 1 second. This ability is pretty much designed for this challenge, as you can quickly retreat and attack your enemy with the extra movement speed.

Joseph Free Fire

While its tactical uses in normal BR mode are limited, on the Factory Roof, the ability can help him escape dangers and evade enemy attacks.

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