With the recent release of the OB33 update on March 23, anyone can farm for their wanted characters much more easily. The link system is a great addition from Garena, removing the need of paying for characters.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 4 best characters to unlock with the Link system in Free Fire OB33

1. Wukong

Wukong the Monkey King is actually a pretty decent character in Free Fire BR mode. His active ability Camouflage lets you turn into a bush, which lets you evade upcoming enemy fire and blend with the environment for ambushes.

Free Fire Wukong

This is a great counter-rush and escape tool. By turning into a bush before an enemy rush, it is very likely that they will run past you, leaving an open back for you to stab. You can perform this over and over again with the cooldown refresh after a kill.

2. K

K's ability "Master of All" is a unique passive skill that has two modes:

Jiujitsu Mode: All allies (including K) in a 6-meter radius get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate (they will not gain any EP - the skill boost the rate at which EP gets converted to HP by five times). K would also get + 50 Max EP limit from this part of the skill.

Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 3 seconds - up to 100 EP per match. Only this part of the ability can be leveled up - at the maximum level, it would recover 2 EP every 2 seconds to a maximum of 150.

Garena Free Fire Latest Character Dj Kshmr Header

Overall, K is a decent support character, with the ability to heal pretty much all chip damage taken for both himself and his teammates, at the cost of EP.

3. Alok

After almost two years,  Alok is still the best and most balanced character ever added to Free Fire. Alok's ability "Drop The Beat" provides a decent edge but does not feel unfair. Upon activation, it creates a 5-meter radius aura that increases movement speed and HP regeneration for the user and his teammates. Multiple instances of the aura can't be stacked, but the healing and speed bonus stack with other similar skills.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat

In both BR and Clash Squad, Drop the Beat is a great ability to use when rushing and flanking... while restoring a moderate amount of HP in the process.

4. Skyler

Skyler's ability is also an active skill, however, instead of buffing your own damage, it releases a wave that damages up to five Gloo Walls in a 100 meters radius. Additionally, whenever the player places a Gloo Wall, they would get an HP regeneration boost for short period.

This ability has a fairly low cooldown of 40 seconds, which means you can use it fairly often in every encounter.


5. Dimitri

Healing Heartbeats creates a healing aura similar to Alok, however, it isn't as big and does not restore as much HP. At least the total HP restored is 45, a fairly respectable amount.


The best part of this skill is probably the "self-recover" ability that affects the user and all teammates in the area when downed. Overall, this ability is super useful in Clash Squad - if you get taken down next to a cover, you can just scuttle into it and get up by yourself. Rescuing teammates is much easier, as enemies will not be able to ambush you anymore. Just activate the skill and wait there looking out.

6. D-Bee

D-Bee's ability is yet another unique skill in Free Fire - it encourages players to run and gun. However, not every weapon in the game has the capability for that - most snipers and DMRs cant. Bullet Beats is only effective on Shotguns and SMGs.

D Bee

While the requirement is not that great, the boost is substantial. An extra 35% accuracy can boost your MP40 spray to an absurd level, or let your M1887 shots converge on enemies' heads. You don't really need to build your whole skill tree around Bullet Beats - this skill is a good standalone.

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