Not everyone in Free Fire like the rush playstyle with intense close-up combats. While they can get more kills that way, it is also riskier and lessens your chance of winning. A passive playstyle in Free Fire can still get you quite a good K/D ratio if you follow the tips below.

1. Keep yourself hidden

There are many secret locations in Free Fire that will let you from the sight of other players easily even if they are just close by. Knowing these locations will help you get the first shot and probably kill them before they even realize it. In an open space, you can use Smoke Grenade and Gloo Wall to hide your position and flank the enemy from behind.

Free Fire hidden location
You have a massive advantage by staying in these hidden locations.

2. Only rush as a last resort

Avoiding rushing, in general, will increase your chance of survival overall. Rushing is generally dangerous, especially if you don't have the right strategy. However, these are cases where running is not an option, rushing as a last resort can throw off the enemies.

3. Camp and snipe

While camping is not the most glamorous strategy in Free Fire, is effective. If you manage to get a great position on the map, you should definitely set up a camp spot to prey on players who come in later.

Sks Semi Sniper
Get a camping spot with a powerful sniper and you are good to go.

4. Avoid indoor combats

Fighting inside a house with enemies inside can give you a lot of disadvantages. Instead, you should use Frag Grenade to lure them out and finish them. A flashbang is also useful if you want to rush in.

5. Use the right gears

A powerful sniper such as the AWM or M82B will do a perfect job to take down enemies quickly. Make sure you use a Silencer to keep your position concealed from other players around the location.

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